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Soooo…. You Got Wasted?

Sorry for partying?

Found In a Textbook: ‘Those with Higher GPAs Are More Likely to Be Marijuana Smokers,’ Plus The Fix

Inspired by yesterday's "found in a textbook" moment. You guys, science says it's cool. 

Gotta Love a Math Book That Knows a Good Joke, Plus Today’s Fix (13 Pics)

OK, so the joke isn't that funny. But what's funny is that someone got bored as hell writing this math book. We salute that person.

A Textbook Answers the Question ‘10 Problems That Have Not Been Resolved By Humanity Yet’

Why do we check Facebook and go "meh" like it's an empty refrigerator? 

Skiing Levels, Explained, Plus Today’s Fix (14 Pics)

This sign is the most accurate thing I've ever read. Why must double black diamonds be filled with so many douchebags?

A Note from a Roommate from Hell, Plus Today’s Fix

This living situation sounds like it's going to a blast. 

Bathroom Rules at the Gym, Plus Today’s Fix (10 Pics)


Does Louis C.K. Drive This Car? Plus Today’s Fix (14 Pics)

A whole bag of them, you say?

I Don’t Care Who You Are, Your Very Best Day Isn’t Nearly As Badass as Hunter S. Thompson’s Routine

You think you party? You think you go hard? Pssshh. You are weak. You are a fool. You are absolutely nothing compared a day in

Passive-Agressive Notes from Angry Apartment Building Neighbors, Plus Today’s Fix (16 Pics)

I don't think these neighbor's like each other very much. Via.

A Very Farty Craigslist Missed Connection, Plus Today’s Fix (23 Pics)

Since Craigslist farting confessions are all the rave these days, here's a missed connection from a who called a lady out for denying a fart.

This Is the Best YouTube Comment Ever, Plus Today’s Fix (22 Pics)

That feeling?! Oh yeah, I know it well... 

Scumbag Steve’s New Year’s Resolution List, Plus the Daily Fix (16 Pics)

OK, not actually Scumbag Steve's New Year's resolution list. But definitely one of someone who needs to get their shit together.

The Truth About Men and Breasts, Plus Today’s Fix (15 Pics)

The ABC TV show Castle gets it right. 

Reasons to Celebrate, Plus Today’s Fix (11 PIcs)

So many End of the World jokes on social media, I'm logging off and calling it a day. See everyone tomorrow!

7 Reasons Why Studying Is Better Than Sex (Allegedly), Plus Today’s Fix

Hmmmm.... Not really sure we agree with you here. Via, though I'm sure each point is highly debatable. 

Faith In Humanity Restored, Plus the Daily Fix (16 Pics)

Possibly the Bro move of the year. Random stranger hooks a dude up with strip club money after breaking up with his girlfriend. Via, where

The 30 Most Viral Letters and Notes of 2012

We love it when our readers send us notes, letters, and e-mails. Usually it's from a downstairs neighbor who's been up all night after an intense

Neighbors Surprisingly Cool About a Guy Getting Drunk and Peeing All Over Their Couch, Plus the Fix

Via Deadspin comes one of the best notes on the Internet today. Apparently the guy entered the wrong townhouse after a night out on the town

A Professor Leaves His E-mail Open on the Overhead, Plus Today’s Fix (15 Pics)

It takes a few seconds, but when you see it you'll laugh.

Here’s a Hook-Up Story For Ya, Plus Today’s Fix (17 Pics)

You guys seem to like hook-up stories, so here's a crazy story involving beads via Reddit. It's super WTF.

Probably the Greatest Test Answer to a Math Question Ever, Plus Today’s Fix (21 Pics)

I mean, he's not wrong...

How to Answer a Final Exam Essay Like a Boss + A Crazy Fictional First Time Story, Plus Today’s Fix

Ballsy move, guy. But props to you for pulling this answer off. A funny story about losin' it is on the next page. No, it's not

The Worst Toliet Paper Ever (Bonus: Taylor Swift Beatboxing!), Plus Today’s Fix (23 Pics)

Thank you for the warning, Flanders. Plus a bonus!

A Very Accurate Graph for Final Exams, Plus Today’s Fix (18 Pics)

Via the always-genius Doghouse Diaries comes this highly entertaining and accurate graph for Finals Week.

A Haiku About Finals Week, Plus Today’s Fix (15 Pics)

Finals week is coming. Are you ready?

Probably the Best Church Sign Ever, Plus Today’s Fix (33 Pics)

I skipped the "a" the first time I read it too. 

Probably the Creepiest OKCupid Message Ever, Plus Today’s Fix (20 Pics)

Wow, WTF?! 

Anyone Down for a Game of Basketball Beer Pong? Plus Today’s Fix

You have no idea how badly I want to play this. I'm not completely convinced it's worth the $120+ asking price on Amazon, but I'm

YouTube Comments Are Just the Best + Chuck Liddell Takes Self-Pics, Plus Today’s Fix (23 Pics)

So much awesomeness in Today's Fix. Let's lead with two items: A hilarious YouTube comments and hilarious pics of Chuck Liddell taking a photo the

I Mean, He Has a Good Point, Plus Today’s Fix (22 Pics)

Clever shirt. Well played, sir. 

15 Funny, Snarky Some E-Cards About Thanksgiving, Plus Today’s Fix (35 Pics)

Happy Thanksgiving from BroBible! More funny Thanksgiving e-cards over at Some E-Cards.

Top 10 Times In History When the F-Word Was Appropriate, Plus Today’s Fix (21 Pics)

Fill in #11 in the comments. 

This Dad Can’t Be That Naive, Right? RIGHT?! Plus Today’s Fix (24 Pics)

If so, there is truly no hope. Greatest Yahoo Answer question ever. 

How to Fill Out a College Professor Evaluation Survey Like a Boss, Plus Today’s Fix (22 Pics)

BEWARE: FINALS ARE COMING. Take this Bro's lead and fill out those end-of-semester college professor evaluations like a boss this year. 

A Special OKCupid Message to a Man Named ‘Hung,’ Plus Today’s Fix (25 Pics)

Hung, you just got an OK Cupid smackdown, Bro.

Bro, Sounds Like You Have a Real Problem on Your Hands, Plus Today’s Fix (28 Pics)

I'm wildly curious how this one ends. 

Dead Bro Wants You to Go See ‘Skyfall’ Instead of Getting Him Flowers, Plus Today’s Fix (29 Pics)

Man, screw flowers: What better way to honor the deceased than going to see "Skyfall"? That's what John E. "Jack" Jones of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

How to Deal with a Roommate That Keeps Taking Your Milk, Plus Today’s Fix (20 Pics)


So That’s How You Got Fired, Bro? Plus Today’s Fix (20 Pics)

I gotta admit, this actually sounds like a pretty cool story, Bro.