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Here’s Something Your Father Probably Never Taught You

How could you, dad? How could you deprive me of this?

This GoPro Video of a Dad Surfing With His Little Guy Will Make You Want to Be a Dad

Hollywood couldn't possibly script a more perfect father-son bonding moment.

Hero Dad Catches Home Run While Holding Child on Father’s Day


50 Life Lessons I Learned From My Father

Growing up, my Dad drove a van.

Son Buys His Dad a 57 Chevy For His 57th Birthday

This video gets all of the feels.

Study: More and More Dudes Are Just Like “Fuck It, I’ll Be a Stay-At-Home Dad”

In related news, "Kids Complaining About How Shitty Their Lunch Is Reaches All-Time High"

Here Is a Delightful Compilation of a Son Scaring His Dad Sh*tless

It's not too early to start thinking of Father's Day, and this nameless son has the perfect gift for dear old dad.

Man Catches Foul Ball While Holding a Baby

Good grab.

Watch SuperDad Sprint to Save His Child From Impending Disaster

Father of the year or hoax of the week.

Dad Wears Super Short Jorts In Public to Teach His Daughter a Lesson

Fact: Bros love jorts, though only when homemade and worn in a redneck manner that mocks hipster douchebags. Fact: Bro dads love jorts, only because

You Will Cry Watching This Video About a Daughter Who Threw a Fake Wedding for Her Dying Dad

Rachel Wolf's dad is dying of pancreatic cancer and won’t be around for the actual big events in his daughter’s life, so this was the

Bro Tells His Favorite Story About His Dad

In honor of Father’s Day, I thought I’d regale you guys with a classic story about my Dad. Also, in honor

And Here’s the Trailer for Seth Macfarlane’s New Show ‘Dads’

On the heels of the promising Andy Samberg Brooklyn Nine-Nine trailer comes whatever the hell this is from Seth MacFarlane, who either is looking for a

Ski Bro Dad Yells “Do the Pizza!” at Son Barrelling Down Mountain

How fast would you watch "Dateline: When Bros Have Kids"? I'd record it and come back for seconds.

Drunk Guy Wanders Onto High School Football Field, Two Dads Take Him Down

On Friday night at a high school football game, a drunk guy wandered onto the field, shirtless and in a daze. He may have thought

Best Dad Ever Builds Daughter a Roller Coaster in Backyard

Clearly, this guy is a hero. As impressive as a backyard roller coaster is, I think the real feat was getting his wife to sign

Father Gives ‘Brutal Spanking’ To Man Who Slept With His Underage Daughter

Pissing off the father of a daughter is never a good idea. Pissing off a father for sleeping with his underage daughter may be the

25 Funny Photos of Dads Bro-ing Out, In Honor of Father’s Day

Father's Day is pretty important to us around here. As a tribute to all the Bro-dad around the world, we've compiled a little gallery of

This 90-Year Old Farmer Has Fathered 50 Kids And Doesn’t Know All of Their Names

World, meet Brazilian farmer Luiz Costa de Oliveira. At 90-years-old, he's somewhat of a Casanova.

Dodgers Fan Dad Drops Daughter to Catch Foul Ball

We're always impressed when a dad snags a foul ball while holding his kid. Remember this guy? That was a Bro of the Week-worthy performance