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5 Things I Learned About 5 Things, You Guys

Our Bros at TFM have locked down another column from @dadboner.

How To Keep It Chillin’ With Primo Babes When You’re Crashin’ A Celebraish

In a truly bold flavored move, our Bros at Total Frat Move landed a column by Internet sensation @Dadboner. It's a must-read for any fan.

Been Wondering Who Twitter’s Karl @DadBoner Welzein Is? He Has Been Unmasked

Thanks to our friends at Vice, the man behind the brilliant @Dadboner twitter account has come forward to tell the story of how Karl Welzein

Louis CK Is the Funniest Person “Right Now,” According to Rolling Stone’s Top 50 List

No surprises here. Rolling Stone has released one of those totally crucial and important lists, and the always quotable (and scarily insightful) Louie CK is

Twitter’s @DadBoner Gives Enlightened Advice On How To Not Get Burned by Fake Computer Babes

We're big fans of Twitter great and Grand Blanc, MI resident Captain Karl Welzein (AKA @Dadboner). So when we saw that he took his talents

Twitter’s @DadBoner, Karl Welzein, Has a Book Coming Out in July

(Disclaimer: This post is about @DadBoner, popular fictional Twitter account and yearlong obssession in the office. If you have no idea who Karl Welzein is,

We Created a Donation Page for @Dadboner’s ‘Roadhouse 2012: Pain Still Don’t Hurt’

Noted wordsmith and Bro Legend Karl Welzein, who runs the Twitter account @dadboner, has begun a script for a remake of "Roadhouse" called "Roadhouse 2012:

100 Applebee’s Turn into Nightclubs after 10 PM, Creating Inevitable @DadBoner Plot Twist

Looking for America's hottest night club? Thinking LIV in Miami, top of the Standard in New York? Try again, dude. Think Applebee's.