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Da’Quan IS BACK And Trolling People On The Streets Of New York


It's been quite a while since we've heard from Da'Quan, University of Michigan's Riff Raff and #1 fan of the movie Drum Line.

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Da’Quan On College, Sexting, and the Best Rappers Alive


The other day the Internet's most beloved wannabe rapper, Da'quan, paid a visit to the BroBible office.


Da’Quan Goes to Harvard, Hilariously Mocks Nerds and Tries to Pick-Up Ivy League Girls


What happens when Da'Quan goes to the world's most prestigious institute of higher education.


Da’Quan Is BACK, and He’s Schooling Everyone on the Basketball Courts


When we last saw Da'Quan, he had terrorized Ann Arbor's population, torn up the University of Georgia, and was in the midst of causing shenanigans at the University of Arizona.

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