Important Infographic Teaches You How To Flick People Off In Countries Across The World


You know you want to know how to use offensive gestures worldwide.


This Wild Bird Is My New Spirit Animal, Is Only Capable Of Pecking Out Eyes And Saying ‘Fuck You’


This wild crow appears none to pleased by the lil kick that dude gave him at the beginning of the video, and at :33 attempts to express his displeasure.


How to Curse In a Bunch of Different Languages


This is a MUST-WATCH for anyone who's ever wanted to know how to say.

swearing around the world

How to curse in 11 popular languages around the world


If you're a traveler then #1 at the top of your list before spreading your wings should be 'how to properly say 'sh*t' and 'f*ck' in the native language.

The Pope

Watch Pope Francis accidentally drop the F-bomb during a blessing


In his short time as the holy man in charge, Pope Francis has done many things to show he's a man of the people.


Can Anyone Guess the 13-Letter Curse Word Jason Kidd Used on Lawrence Frank?


The Brooklyn Nets demoted Lawrence Frank this week to a menial job after he clashed with first-year coach Jason Kidd.

f bombs

See Who is Cursing on Twitter Right Now


Twitter just went public today, but we have more pertinent information.


Fox News anchor drops amazingly stupid ‘Breaking Bad’ tweet


You have to be pretty freaking dumb to think that this is an OK thing to do.


Cursing in Public Is Now Accepted. F*ckin’ A


Over the past few Christmases, my family, like many families, has always kept at least one TV glued to TBS’ 24 hours of A Christmas Story.


2012 Was a Big Year for Sports Figures and Personalities Cursing on Live TV


I wish the uptight, shot-calling pricks in society and the FCC would stop holding people back and let us belt out vulgarity when we feel like it, because WE ALL FEEL LIKE IT.

Will Smith

‘Bad Boys’ Cursing Supercut Proves You Just Can’t Make a Movie Too Vulgar


Unbelievably, there are enough bad words in both "Bad Boys" movies to fill over 4 minutes of footage.

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