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How to Curse In a Bunch of Different Languages

This is a MUST-WATCH for anyone who's ever wanted to know how to say...

Can Anyone Guess the 13-Letter Curse Word Jason Kidd Used on Lawrence Frank?

The Brooklyn Nets demoted Lawrence Frank this week to a menial job after he clashed with first-year coach Jason Kidd.

This Map of Which US States are the Most Vulgar Pisses Me Right the Fuck Off

This is a travesty. Nay, this is a goddamn nightmare. I've only lived in three states in my lifetime -- Pennsylvania, Florida and New York -- and

See Who is Cursing on Twitter Right Now

Twitter just went public today, but we have more pertinent information. 

Cursing in Public Is Now Accepted. F*ckin’ A

Over the past few Christmases, my family, like many families, has always kept at least one TV glued to TBS’ 24

Samuel L. Jackson Wants to Read YOUR Profanity-Laced Monologue

Yesterday, Samuel L. Jackson posted this message on Reddit: "I'm Samuel L Jackson and I'll record a video of me saying any 300 word monologue

2012 Was a Big Year for Sports Figures and Personalities Cursing on Live TV

I wish the uptight, shot-calling pricks in society and the FCC would stop holding people back and let us belt out vulgarity when we feel

‘Bad Boys’ Cursing Supercut Proves You Just Can’t Make a Movie Too Vulgar

Unbelievably, there are enough bad words in both "Bad Boys" movies to fill over 4 minutes of footage. That's a lot of cursing and that

Guess What City of F*cking Sh*theads Leads The Nation in Cursing?

The folks at Career-Builder decided to conduct the best survey a site like Career-Builder could've possibly come up with, and here are the results.