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Jack White Went to the Cubs Game, Didn’t Look Too Happy About It

Someone tickle his orchid, please.

Severed Goat’s Head Delivered to Wrigley Field

People are apparently not entirely thrilled with the Chicago Cubs. What else is new?

Cubs Fan Sacrifices Scalp for Baseball, Does Not Impress

My God. What a terrible effort, job.

Marriage Proposal at Cubs Game Ruined Because Woman is in Bathroom

Men are still proposing to women at sporting events, which really shows evolution is slowing its pace. If you need yet another example of why

Nick Offerman (AKA Ron Swanson) Would Do Anything For the Cubs to Win the World Series

I usually feel bad when actors are type cast but I want nothing more than for Nick Offerman to be Ron Swanson till his dying

Cubs Fan Dad Catches Foul Ball with Baby in Hand… Like a Boss!

And the best one-handed snag of the day goes to: This Cubs fan. #MyDadIsABro? Definitely.