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Insane Cuban Baseball Brawl Featured a Guy Swinging a Bat at Another Guy’s Head

This is more of an attempted murder than a baseball brawl. Sweet mother of God. The fracas took place last [...]

A Bro Becomes a Real Cuban Dick-tator, Enjoys a Sex on the Beach

Today's story won't please Fidel Castro, that's for sure.

Miami Marlins Suspend Ozzie Guillen 5 Games for Fidel Castro Comments

The Miami Marlins have suspended manager Ozzie Guillen five games for comments he made to Time magazine praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The

The Trailer for ‘Juan of the Dead,’ Cuba’s First Zombie/Horror Movie

Liked 2004's "Shaun Of The Dead"? Here's a trailer for its culty Cuban counter-part, complete with a Cuban Revolution sub-plot that would make