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These CU Boulder Bros Had a Better Spring Break Than You In Cabo

What happens when a bunch of Buffs invade Cabo for Spring Break 2014? Things get a little rowdy...

‘When I Was A Frat Guy’: Colorado-Boulder PIKE Bro Drops a Throwback Party Video from 2006

Hey college kids: Ever wonder what a fraternity party looked like... 8 years ago? Since that's pretty ancient history to a college freshman, one PIKE Bro

This CU Boulder Party Video Will Make Just About Anyone Wish They Went to CU Boulder

The Bros at college-exclusive social media app, Blend, have set out on a heroic mission to have college students show each other how their college campuses

35 Police Needed to Rescue Naked University of Colorado Girl Tripping Balls on Shrooms

Talk about a Rocky Mountain high. Quoth the source: "The young woman, identified as 21-year-old Taylor Powers, allegedly ingested some shrooms and was having a

Scenes from CU-Boulder’s Crazy Spring Break Trip to Lake Havasu

A few dudes from CU-Boulder sent us this ridiculous video from their spring break trip to notorious party spot, Arizona's Lake Havasu. Let's just say

I’m Shmacked x University of Colorado-Boulder, St. Patrick’s Day

No one questions the University of Dayton's dominance over St. Patrick's day. After visiting WVU last year on March 17th, this year the I'm Shmacked

CU-Boulder Is Shutting Down Campus on 4/20 Again

Although recreational marijuana use has been legalized in Colorado, the University of Colorado Boulder announced today that it would be shutting down the campus again

Playb*y Announces Its Top 10 Party Schools in America 2011 List

Yesterday afternoon Playboy released its semi-annual list of the Top 10 party schools in America. Two BroBible staffers -- AZ and myself -- have quite

Apartment a Wreck After Another Weekend Bash? Call the Hangover Helpers

Sunday mornings are sometimes a bleak scene in campus life. Picture it: you’re waking up to a house literally covered in beer cans, red cups, dirty