drugs are bad mmmkay

If You Ever Needed A Really Strong Reason To Not Do Crystal Meth, This Insane Story Is It


Getty Most people know that they should probably/definitely not ever do crystal meth.


World’s Hippest Police Force Gets Whole Neighborhood Baked After Burning 3 Tons Of Marijuana


A police force in West Jakarta, Indonesia recently got a ton of people stoned when they attempted to destroy 3 tons of marijuana, 1.

mug shots

Woman Arrested For Crystal Meth Was Wearing The Most Perfect Shirt EVER


Forget that other perfectly attired criminal you saw earlier today and feast your eyes on this woman, Deborah Asher, who got arrested for possession of crystal meth while wearing a freaking "I Love Crystal Meth" t-shirt.


Meth Cookers Prove How Brilliant The Drug Makes You When They Buttdial 911 And Immediately End Up In Jail


From what I've been told crystal meth gets you jacked up and gives you a false sense of intelligence, strength, and superiority.


Florida woman arrested has most Florida name EVER


This is the most Florida thing to happen in the history of Florida: a woman named Crystal Meth was arrested for shooting A F*CKING MISSILE at a car.

this is my own private domicile bitch

Aaron Paul tells ‘Conan’ he loves all the bitches


Aaron Paul gets paid to say bitch more than anyone but Trey Parker.


7 of the most disturbing (yet kind of cool) Japanese inventions

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Dubbed the “Mother of Invention” by many, the Land of the Rising Sun has forever been a hotbed of technology, arts and science, but the Japanese also win the prize for being some seriously sick puppies, and not just for their used panties vending machines and penchant for wayward tentacles.

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