Stupid Crossfitters Destroyed The Coolest Court In College Basketball


Florida International University is home to one of the coolest basketball courts in the country.

working out

Fitness Chick Has the Most Insane Crossfit Routine You’ll Ever See


This is why a lot of people can't take Crossfit seriously.

real CrossFit workout

I can’t tell if this is a real CrossFit workout or a parody, that’s how bad CrossFit is


It's rather hilarious that the things taking place in a CrossFit workout are so asinine we can no longer tell if its real or a parody.

gym fail

This CrossFit FAIL reminds me why I slept in, didn’t exercise, didn’t break my a$$


(not) Without fail, every week we see some CrossFit athlete filming themselves to post to YouTube in hopes of showing everyone how awesome they are, only to end up hurting themselves in some hilarious manor.

CrossFit video

Guy provides priceless commentary to stupidity at CrossFit Games


As it turns out, CrossFit people are pretty terrible at deadlift form.

Rick Ross

Rick Ross does Crossfit and I’ll wait for the laughter to die down to continue


Rick Ross is the boss of cream cheese covered donuts Crossfit.

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