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Man Lures Crocodile Out of Water, Feeds It Using Only His Mouth

According to the YouTube description, this video is about...

WHOA! A Snake in Australia Ate a Crocodile Whole (Pictures)

Australia. The Florida of crazy animal stories.

Want to See a Jaguar Stalk, Pounce, and Murder a Crocodile? Thought So

It's videos like this that only further my belief that I can take a croc in a one-on-one situation. Pussy died like a bitch almost instantly. No doubt

Man Wakes Up Only to Realize He Slept the Night with an EIGHT-FOOT Crocodile Under His Bed

Holy smokes. Here is your WTF?!, Nature You Scary, Nightmare Fuel story of the day. 

This Is What a 21-Foot Monster Crocodile Looks Like

Woah. This might be one of the most badass pictures you'll see today. On Saturday, Bunawan hunters in the Philippines tracked down a massive trophy:

Yeah, This 18-Foot Saltwater Crocodile Will Ruin Your Day

This photo of Brutus the 18-foot saltw*ter crocodile comes via Australia's Adelaide River. It was yesterday's Telegraph picture of the day. How is the guy