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Croatia Just Won the World Cup of Having the Hottest Fan

Hey girl.

Cameroon’s Benoit Assou-Ekotto Delivered a Solid Headbutt to His Teammate During Embarrassing Loss

Fight! Fight!

Brazil Opened Up the World Cup With a Terrible Own Goal


Croatian Basketball Babe Antonjia Misura May Just Be London’s Hottest Olympian

Antonija Misura is like most Olympians -- a rare specimen whose supreme genetics and physical makeup are pretty f*cking enviable. Only difference with Misura is

Mario Mandzukic’s Nifty Goal Helped Croatia Tie Italy, 1-1

Croatia got a goal from Mario Mandzukic in the 72nd minute to secure a tie with Italy in Group C action at Euro 2012. It

Today’s Weird Thing Up A Person’s Butt is an Anti-Aircraft Shell

Here's some friendly advice to all the readers, if you must stick things up your ass, please make sure that the object can be easily