Man Forms New European Nation Named ‘Free Republic of Liberland’ And Names Himself President


A Czech man named Vit Jedlicka has just founded a new, sovereign European nation named 'Free Republic of Liberland', or Liberland for short.

London 2012

Croatian Basketball Babe Antonjia Misura May Just Be London’s Hottest Olympian


Antonija Misura is like most Olympians -- a rare specimen whose supreme genetics and physical makeup are pretty f*cking enviable.


Mario Mandzukic’s Nifty Goal Helped Croatia Tie Italy, 1-1


Croatia got a goal from Mario Mandzukic in the 72nd minute to secure a tie with Italy in Group C action at Euro 2012.


Today’s Weird Thing Up A Person’s Butt is an Anti-Aircraft Shell


Here's some friendly advice to all the readers, if you must stick things up your ass, please make sure that the object can be easily removed from your anus.

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