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Watch Dumbest Thieves Alive Use Explosives To Crack Safe With $730,000 In It And Blow Up All The Money


Going to go on a limb and guess that the heist required to steal this safe didn't involve a whole lot of strategic planning.


Suspect In Shooting Waiting To Turn Himself In Because He Wants To ‘Chill This Weekend’


A suspect wanted to chill over the weekend, so he declined to turn himself into police.

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Woman Arrested For Crystal Meth Was Wearing The Most Perfect Shirt EVER


Forget that other perfectly attired criminal you saw earlier today and feast your eyes on this woman, Deborah Asher, who got arrested for possession of crystal meth while wearing a freaking "I Love Crystal Meth" t-shirt.


War Machine Tweets A Journal Entry Where He Says His Victims ‘Deserved It’


War Machine, fresh off a failed suicide attempt, had his prison journal "leak" online today.


Smartest Criminal Ever Headed Back To Jail After Texting His Probation Officer Dumbest Request Ever


If you're on probation there are a lot of crazy rules imposed upon you in addition to the rules that the rest of us have to follow.

dumb crooks

Bro Running From The Cops Makes Wrong Turn — Ends Up In The Chicago Marathon


A Chicago man running from the police accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up briefly joining the Chicago Marathon.

mug shots

Congratulations, Florida! You Should Be Very Proud Of This Mug Shot


Hallandale, Florida resident, Arie Patterson was arrested last Thursday on a suspicion of theft charge.

wtf florida

10 craziest Florida criminals of all time


What’s going on in the Sunshine State.

Stupid criminals

Drunk Woman Shows Up Completely Naked to Visit Jailed Husband


Maura Fussell's husband was arrested Saturday afternoon, after drinking all night in Clarendon, Virginia.

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Man Wearing Only Thong Stole Batman Costume, Pranced Around, Police Say


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