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The Before And After Photos Of This Hot Beauty Queen Are Just Another Reason Why You Don’t Fuck Around With Meth


I am a girl and I can objectively say that the girl above, Jaime Lynn France aka a former Oregon teen beauty queen, is hot.


This Is What It Would Look Like If A Drug Deal Were To Ruin Your Date


Have you ever been afraid that a random drug deal would ruin your date.


Real Life Dirty Mike And The Boys From ‘The Other Guys’ Are These Homeless Gangs Having Orgies On Drugs In A Cemetery


Dirty Mike and the Boys were one of the best parts of the 2010 film The Other Guys, and because I love them so much I’ve been kind enough to throw in a bunch of gifs that basically summarize their role in the movie, which was torturing Will Ferrell and his bitch-ass Prius: However, not everyone has the same sense of humor I do, since residents in a middle-class part of north London by the name of Stoke Newington are royally pissed about the homeless people in the area having drug fuelled orgies in the local cemetery.

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Colorado State Student Allegedly Took Molly, Immediately Has A Seizure, Steals An Ambulance And Jerks Off In A Police Station

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I get really annoyed with news stories that imply taking certain drugs made people go bonkers, like this story out of Fort Collins, Colorado, about Colorado State Student Stefan Sortland who allegedly took molly and snorted some coke before going to a Halloween concert…and then went and wrecked shit around town.


The Alleged Head Of The World’s Most Dangerous Hit Squad Is A Sexy Kim Kardashian Look-A-Like Who Twerks Like A Pro


There’s nothing I like more than a woman who’s hot as hell and who can also violently murder me at any time, then hide the evidence using her connections as an alleged world-renowned crime boss.

Patrick Bateman

Real-Life Patrick Bateman Made Six-Figures AND Killed Two Hookers After Dining With Hot Chicks Across The Globe


American Psycho is a cult favorite with most men mainly because it’s basically a movie about a rich as fuck dude who hits up hot chicks for threesomes whenever he wants…and then casually murders people on the side.


This Map Shows Which Day Of The Week You’re Most Likely To Get Shot For Each State


Vocativ compiled data from the Gun Violence Archive in order to find out which day of the week you're most likely to be shot for each state.

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