This Map Shows Which Day Of The Week You’re Most Likely To Get Shot For Each State


Vocativ compiled data from the Gun Violence Archive in order to find out which day of the week you're most likely to be shot for each state.

bad teachers

Teen Who Bragged About Having A Threesome With His Teachers Feels Bad For Getting Them Arrested

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Two weeks ago the Internet exploded over the news of a Louisiana 17-year-old allegedly having a threesome with his English teachers, Rachel Respess, 24, and Shelley Dufresne, 32, who were charged with having sex with a minor.

hannibal lecter

Real Life Hannibal Lecter, Allegedly Cooked His Girlfriend In His Apartment, Then Killed Himself


Unfortunately for headline’s sake, there were no fava beans involved in the murder of Mayang Prasetyo, allegedly by her boyfriend, Chef Marcus Volke, 28.

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