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This Guy Was Arrested For Having Sex With OVER 90 CORPSES While High On Crack

I don't think that was included in his job description.

Woman’s Boyfriend Jailed, So She Steals Four Dollars Worth of Wine to Be With Him

Just some hot Charles Shaw.

BREAKING: War Machine Has Been Captured By Police Outside of LA

TMZ is reporting that wanted MMA fighter War Machine has been captured in a hotel outside Los Angeles.

A Dude Killed His Roommate And Asked Siri Where To Hide The Body, Only To Have Cops Check His Phone History

What a stupid cabbage.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Is Coming After War Machine Following His Alleged Attack on Christy Mack

Save your excuses for a judge, War Machine.

I Can’t Stop Looking at the Mugshot of this High School Teacher Who Showed Up Drunk and Pantsless On Her First Day of School

Great first impression.

Mother Discovers Son Is Dead After Smelling His Decomposing Body

Talk about terrible.

Would You Stop Having a Threesome in a Hot Tub If The Cops Showed Up? These Three Sexual Mavericks Didn’t

Let me preface this by saying, this did not happen in Florida...although we all know it probably should have.

Worst Mom Ever Leaves Kids in the Car to Blow a Man in a Wal-Mart Parking Lot

As a smug elitist proudly from above the Mason-Dixion Line, I love it when Southerners try to tell me why the South is so damn

The Untold Story Of a Girl Who Was Arrested for Trying to Break Into a Doggy Door Naked

“They arrested me and gave me my dress back — everybody asked if they put me in handcuffs naked — but they didn’t give me

Three Drunk, Naked Bros Break Into Burger Spot, Steal Some Patties

Had to be fraternity hazing.

Genius Woman Steals Dress, Posts Selfie Online, Gets Arrested

Classic oversharer.

Justin Bieber Will Only Face Misdemeanor Charges for Egging Incident

Crime of the century downgraded to much smaller crime.

Creeper University Of Miami Football Players Were Just Arrested For Sexually Assaulting An Underage 17-Year-Old

I could make a joke about Florida here, but I won't.

Father Of Real-Life Benjamin Button Steals $6K From Daughter, Then Spends It At Costco

Not cool dude, not cool.

This Guy Stole A Cop Car While HANDCUFFED, Made Fun Of The Police Trying To Catch Him On Facebook, And Got A New Girl All In The Same Week

I dunno about you, but my life fails in comparison.

This Boat Captain Crashed His Boat Because He Was Too Busy With His Threeway

The man's got priorities.

The Felon Who Chicks Are All Thirsty About Gave a Jailhouse Interview

Jason Meeks, the California felon who was busted for illegal firearm possession and related gang charges, is Internet famous after chicks lost their shit over

Women Are Losing Their Shit Over This Guy’s Mug Shot

The "bad boy" image is a keeper.

Guy Tries To Pay His Cartel Debt With ‘Star Wars’ Action Figures, Is Immediately Murdered

I guess the guy was more of a Trekkie.

Hot TV Reporter Gets Robbed During Live Report About Robbery

Irony at its finest.

Taylor Swift Had Three Kids Arrested For Shenanigans Outside Her House

Why you gotta be so mean?

This 450-Pound Guy Tried To Smuggle Weed In His Stomach Fat

Because sticking it up your butt is soooo last year.

Watch This Crazy Chick Slash A Cop’s Throat – And Then Get Found Not Guilty

Because life isn't fair.

This Woman Made A Fake Facebook Profile To Catch Her Niece Plotting To Murder Her

Whatever happened to just using Craigslist?

Aaron Hernandez Allegedly Killed Two People for a Very Stupid Reason

A spilled drink?

The FBI Might Let Employees Smoke Pot Because Kids These Days

Federal Bong Inspectors

Teenage Caught Stealing Liquor Defends Self With Bong

Stoner Safety Tip No. 235: Never leave home without your bong.

Robbery Caught on Camera Looks Like Something Out of ‘Scream’

That is one big knife.

Cop Dash Cam Catches Two Meth Heads Exclaiming ‘We’re Going to Have to Be Gay For a Second’ In the Backseat of a Squad Car

These two Oklahoma meth heads have an interesting way of getting rid of an eight ball of meth after getting pulled […]

Cab Driver Speeds Down Highway for 8 Miles as Would-be Highjacker Hangs on for Dear Life

Surreal scene.

Brazilian Woman Robbed During Live Report on High Rate of Brazilian Crime

Because FIFA and the IOC are corrupt and stupid, the World Cup and the Olympics are making their homes these next two years in Rio.

19-Year-Old Notre Dame Bro Breaks Into a Day Spa to Eat All the Hot Pockets

Wow, Notre Dame. It's not in your Catholic nature to do things like this.

Woman Brags on Facebook About Beating Breathalyzer Test, May Be Put in Jail

Sharp-as-a-tack Michigan resident Colleen Cudney copped a DUI in 2012.

Baltimore Thieves Stole $500,000 Worth Of Hennessy This Morning

Be on the lookout for someone purchasing large quantities of Hypnotic.

Genius Posts Selfie with Submachine Gun to Facebook, Is Nabbed in Bank Robbery

Before Jules Bahler was arrested last week for robbing three Michigan banks over an eight-day period, he posted a selfie to Facebook.

Portland Man, Dressed in Bulletproof Underpants, Arrested For Using Blowtorch to Break Into ATM

A Portland, Oregon man is in jail after having been arrested for trying to cut into an ATM with a blow torch.

Things Get Weird When Brother and Sister Arrested for Meth Starting Making Out In Jail

Meth: Never once.

‘Breaking Bad’ IRL Alert: Meth Cook Busted Wearing a ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ Shirt

It’s a glorious day: Liberal Arts students can finally STFU about whether life imitates art or art imitates life. We’ve […]

The World’s Most Powerful Drug Lord Has Been Arrested

Police in Mexico captured Joaquin Guzman, a man regarded as the most powerful drug lord in the world who headed […]