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Brazilian Woman Robbed During Live Report on High Rate of Brazilian Crime

Because FIFA and the IOC are corrupt and stupid, the World Cup and the Olympics are making their homes these next two years in Rio.

19-Year-Old Notre Dame Bro Breaks Into a Day Spa to Eat All the Hot Pockets

Wow, Notre Dame. It's not in your Catholic nature to do things like this.

Woman Brags on Facebook About Beating Breathalyzer Test, May Be Put in Jail

Sharp-as-a-tack Michigan resident Colleen Cudney copped a DUI in 2012.

Baltimore Thieves Stole $500,000 Worth Of Hennessy This Morning

Be on the lookout for someone purchasing large quantities of Hypnotic.

Genius Posts Selfie with Submachine Gun to Facebook, Is Nabbed in Bank Robbery

Before Jules Bahler was arrested last week for robbing three Michigan banks over an eight-day period, he posted a selfie to Facebook.

Portland Man, Dressed in Bulletproof Underpants, Arrested For Using Blowtorch to Break Into ATM

A Portland, Oregon man is in jail after having been arrested for trying to cut into an ATM with a blow torch.

Things Get Weird When Brother and Sister Arrested for Meth Starting Making Out In Jail

Meth: Never once.

‘Breaking Bad’ IRL Alert: Meth Cook Busted Wearing a ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ Shirt

It’s a glorious day: Liberal Arts students can finally STFU about whether life imitates art or art imitates life. We’ve [...]

The World’s Most Powerful Drug Lord Has Been Arrested

Police in Mexico captured Joaquin Guzman, a man regarded as the most powerful drug lord in the world who headed [...]

Miami Police Release a Video of Justin Bieber Getting Booked In Jail and It’s GLORIOUS

  This is a catatheric moment for all the Justin Bieber haters. Miami police have released a video of them making [...]

92-Year-Old Woman Accused of Hit-and-Run Claims She Left Scene Because She Had… Diarrhea

An elderly women accused of leaving the scene of a hit-and-run is blaming her actions on a problem we are [...]

Justin Bieber Looks Happy As Hell in His Mugshot

He does. He looks very happy. It could be the combined effects of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs or the knowledge that he

Justin Bieber Arrested, Charged With DUI and Drag Racing

Justin Bieber was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and drag racing early this morning in Miami.

Kellen Winslow Allegedly Caught Masturbating in His Escalade; His Explanation is Incredible

Professional football player and mythical SOLDIER Kellen Winslow was arrested for possession of synthetic marijuana outside a New Jersey Target store in November, and the

The Dumbest Criminal of All Time Is Now the Arsonist Who Set Himself on Fire

Welp, this is what happens when you are an idiot and try to burn a place down. 

Florida Man’s Instagram Selfies Lead to 142 (!!!) Felony Charges

Once upon a time, Florida 19-year-old Depree Johnson really liked sharing selfies on his Instagram page, just like any other clueless teenager. Three problems, though:

This Video of a Girl Resisting Arrest Will Make You Weep for Our Generation

Imagine one video that perfectly encapsulates every half-baked criticism of Generation: MILLENNIAL. That the generation is entitled. That it doesn't trust authority. That, generally, it's annoying as shit.

This is

WTF? U.S. Criminals Using Mysterious High-Tech Device to Break Into Cars

This news report stems from June, but—for some reason—is making the rounds online today. The jist: Both police departments and car manufacturers are stumped. Cars

Want to See Some Mug Shots of Really Hot Girls?

Even #hotties have to commit some crime, too. These are their photos.

Police Find 30-Pounds of Ecstasy Inside an ASU Student’s Dorm Room

The Arizona Department of Public Safety made a huge drug bust involving an ASU student, uncovering nearly 30-pounds of ecstasy in Andrew James Gajkowski's dorm

Redskins Beer Vendors Tased, Robbed, Locked in Freezer at Monday Night’s Game

Well, you've got to give petty crooks one thing: They never seem to run out of ideas for stupid crimes. 

Massachusetts Mall Santa Charged With Groping Woman Playing an Elf

Merry Christmas, everyone. ‘Tis the season to thwart unwanted sexual advances from Kris Kringle. 

George Zimmerman Arrested Again in Florida

Hey look, George Zimmerman is back in the headlines again. WESH reports Zimmerman "has been arrested in a domestic dispute involving his 'girlfriend,' law enforcement

Unlucky Guy With AK-47 Tattoo Keeps Getting Charged With Shootings

Lots of people claim to not give a damn. This guy right here DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN.

Man Hijacks Motorcycle in Brazil, Random Cop Immediately SHOOTS HIM (w/Video)

Terrible outcome for the the hijacker, wouldn't you say? Badass move on his part with the whole gun-in-the-face bike-jacking, but total loss when he gets

Craig Robinson Got into Some Trouble for Weed and Ecstacy

One of the stars of Pineapple Express and Hot Tub Time Machine likes to do drugs? Why, that’s unbelievable.

Auburn Lax Bro Busted For Stealing a Truck Because He Wanted to See What ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Was Like

I'm pretty sure Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V doesn't actually have a cousin, but if he does, this is what I imagine he looks like. Not

Marquette Lacrosse Bro Allegedly Dropped Acid and Punched a Cop After a Zedd Show

Charley E. Gargano is a Marquette University lacrosse player. He was also just charged with allegedly assaulting an officer after dropping four hits of acid

Only In Florida Would a Couple Be Arrested for Stealing ‘GTA V’ From a Mentally Disabled Man

This is just terrible and just about the most WTFlorida thing ever. For months, Rohan Dawkins has been saving $10 from every paycheck to buy the $150

Insane One Direction Fan Allegedly Killed Her Dog Because the Band Wouldn’t Follow Her on Twitter

In her defense, the boys ARE pretty dreamy.

There Have Been Over 1,300 Arrests at Arizona State University In Three Weekends!

ASU does not like being shown up by anyone. Keep trying hard, UDel, because ASU is setting the golden standard for partying. 

Couple Busted for Having Sex in a Home Depot Shed

Sounds like a nice little Saturday.

This Robbery Attempt in Brazil Didn’t Go As Planned

Criminal enterprise presents a double-edged sword. Like, if you’re good at crime, that’s not really something to take a lot of pride in. And if

The Biggest Gun Bust In NYC History Happened Because of a Dumbass Rapper’s Instagram Pics

This week marks the largest gun bust in New York City history, netting some 254 illegal firearms and 19 indictments in a massive multi-state ring that

East Central University Baseball Player Killed by Teens Who Were ‘Bored’

Well, this is totally fucking horrifying: Christopher Lane, a rising senior and baseball player at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma, was shot and killed

Arizona Bro Shames Woman Who Stole His Amazon.com Package with Epic Poster, Liam Neeson References

Tim Lake is a busy man who travels a lot. Like many of us, he dabbles in the occasion online purchase from Amazon.com. After returning from

This is How Two Bros Stop a Robbery

No one ever sees what happens after a robbery attempt. The answer? HUGE fucking celebration.

This Man is America: Watch a Guy in Flag T-Shirt Tackle Escaped Inmate

A 6-foot-4, 320-pound behemoth of a man, dressed in an American flag T-shirt, tackled an escaped convict at a small general store in rural

Watch a Brutal Video of a Police Officer Shooting Owner’s Dog Right in Front of Him

This video set the Internet ablaze last night, in a way few police brutality surveillance videos have. These things happen when a dog is shot

Here’s a Picture of Aaron Hernandez Holding a Gun

Thinking critically, this 2009 picture of Aaron Hernandez taking a selfie while holding a gun shouldn’t really change the way the public views the now-incarcerated