stoned cops

Generous Pizzeria Owner Arrested For Sprinkling Weed On Cops Pizza Because They ‘Seemed Cool’


The most generous man on the planet was arrested in Tel Aviv for trying to hook a couple police officers up with a little nug, on the house.


Louisiana Woman Gets Arrested And Tries To Bribe Cop By Offering To Lick His Butthole


A Louisiana woman is facing a public bribery charge after offering to toss an officers salad in exchange for freedom after she was arrested for kicking the shit out of her boyfriend earlier this month.


The Instagram And Twitter Accounts For One Of Mexico’s Highest Ranking Cartel Hit Men Shows That Crime Does Pay


“Chino Antrax” aka Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa (say that 5 times fast with a mouthful), 34, faces life in prison in connection to bringing “tons” of cocaine and marijuana from Mexico to the United States and for participating in violence against rival cartels.

shots fired

Tough Guy Tries To Steal A Dudes Car But His Plans Change When The Dude Opens Fire On His Ass

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Draw Speed Level: John Wayne Shot Accuracy Level: Helen Keller Gotta appreciate the quick draw, but holy hell, hit the shooting range, pal.


Blood Covered Florida Teen High On Flakka Strips Naked And Claims She’s God And Satan, And That’s Just The Beginning


In maybe the darkest segment in the Flakka series, a naked 17-year-old girl was arrested last week in Melbourne, Fla.


Florida Woman Pulled Over For Drunk Driving While Baby Sucked On Boobies Is The Very Essence Of Florida


I'm no breastfeeding expert but I'm fairly confident breastfeeding while shitfaced could potentially be harmful to the baby.


Girlfriend Of The Year Scares Off Armed Robbers By Opening Fire On Them During A Home Invasion

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The idea of a home invasion is absolutely terrifying -- Evil people invade your personal private space for their personal gain.

red lobster brawl

Nothing Says ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ Like An All-Out Brawl At Red Lobster


I honored my mother this Mother's Day by sending her flowers with a heartfelt card.


Woman Put Dead Foot Skin Shavings In Family’s Milk, Because Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn


A completely sane, well-to-do Maryland woman was arrested Wednesday for serving milk to her family members that contained the dead skin shavings from her feet, according to Southern Maryland News Net.

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