BREAKING: War Machine Has Been Captured By Police Outside of LA


TMZ is reporting that wanted MMA fighter War Machine has been captured in a hotel outside Los Angeles.

Zack Morris

10 pranks that should have landed Zack Morris in jail


We love Saved by the Bell, but at this point we should all realize that Zack Morris is a menace to society.


Worst Mom Ever Leaves Kids in the Car to Blow a Man in a Wal-Mart Parking Lot


As a smug elitist proudly from above the Mason-Dixion Line, I love it when Southerners try to tell me why the South is so damn great.


The Untold Story Of a Girl Who Was Arrested for Trying to Break Into a Doggy Door Naked


“They arrested me and gave me my dress back — everybody asked if they put me in handcuffs naked — but they didn’t give me my panties back.