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Is This Really the Cricket Catch of the Century?

Cricket news.

Cricket Reporter Conducts Hilarious Interview After Eating Hot Chilis

Cricket is huge in New Zealand. It’s so big, in fact, that many people actually understand the rules. Lachlan Forsyth […]

Woman Gets Hilariously Caught on Camera Imitating Sex at Cricket Match

Cricketer's girlfriends aren't expected to act like, say, Formula One girls. You don't have to be on your toes to watch cricket. The matches can

Australian Police Officer Takes Ten Too Many Swings at a Cricket Fan

This cop punches like Forrest Gump. Really cocks that bow of his to make sure to inflict the utmost trauma. I think Gump

If You Hand the 82-Year-Old Former Prime Minister of Australia a Beer He Will Pound It at Once

Bob Hawke, ladies and gentleman... BOB F*CKING HAWKE! When a fan at the January 4 Australia vs. India cricket match handed the 82-year-old

Indian Model Poonam Pandey Vows to Get Nekked If India Wins the Cricket World Cup

So... The biggest sporting event in the world that no one in America really cares about (except many New York taxi drivers, bodega owners, and