Apparently, this is the cricket catch of the year or something


Check out this incredible match-winning catch by Chris Lynn.


Woman Gets Hilariously Caught on Camera Imitating Sex at Cricket Match


Cricketer's girlfriends aren't expected to act like, say, Formula One girls.

Sri Lankan cricket

Drunk Sri Lankan cricket player confuses pilot cabin with bathroom


We've all been there, we've all gotten drunk on a flight, we've all accidentally walked into the pilot cabin to take a piss.

prepaid iphone

Yeah, the iPhone is going pre-paid, but it’s not cheaper


As you've probably heard by now, whether because tech blogs are reporting it breathlessly as if it's the biggest thing ever, or your annoying snobby friend terrified that the poors will now also own his precious phone, Apple is going to start selling pre-paid, no-contract iPhones through Cricket.

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