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Bros at Brown Make an Episode of ‘Cribs’ for Their House ‘The Meat Mansion’

The Meat Mansion is an interesting name for a house. It sounds like an alternative lifestyle EDM club located in an abandoned church in Manhattan, but a reader

Deion Sanders Jr. Has an Insane Bed

Deion Sanders Jr. looks like he enjoys being the center of attention just as much as his famous father. I mean, check out where he

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Live in a Sick Mansion With a Moat

If I were married to Gisele Bundchen, I’d want to live in a tiny studio apartment so I’d always be close to her. Wait, is

Meet Bruce Campbell, A Dude Who Lives in a 727

Bruce Campbell calls himself a 62-year-old nerd, but would a nerd do something as badass as live in a repurposed 727 passenger jet? OK, maybe

Michael Jordan’s House in Suburban Chicago Would be a Good Way to Spend $29M

Michael Jordan’s house in the Chicago suburbs is up for sale. A cool $29 million gets you the keys to the former residence of

VIDEO: Oklahoma State’s New $4 Million Locker Room is Ballin’

It looks like the last coat of orange and black paint in Oklahoma State's brand new basketball locker room dried just in time for Halloween.

The 15 Best Man Caves on the Internet

Every property-owning Bro's post-college digs should have a some sort of man cave: a sanctuary -- or mantuary -- dedicated to masculine awesomeness. It is