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Check Out the Lifelike Sculpture of a Man In His Underwear Freaking Out an Entire College

The women of Wellesley College are pretty freaked out about a new sculpture titled “Sleepwalker” recently installed in busy spot […]

Website Shows Facebook Profile Picture of Every User

Ever wanted to see the profile picture of every single person on Facebook? 

Just a Creepy Older Guy Talking About Sex Toys and Role-Playing

I suppose it’s possible that a mature person could watch this and get some useful information. We, on the other hand, giggled like a bunch

Italian Doctor Caught Sucking a Patient’s Breasts and Using Other ‘Unorthodox’ Healing Methods

I tell you what, I'm not going to be quick to judge or chide this healer -- nay, God's worker bee -- for his methods.

24-Year-Old Finance Guy Asks Girls from OKCupid to Complete Creepy Survey After Dates

Remember the Wall Streeter that kept a painfully detailed spreadsheet of his Match.com dates? This might one-up that. Via Deadspin comes the tail of a