Here Are The Best — Best Meaning Painfully Creepy — Photos Of Fans Posing With The Laker Girls


The day prior to WrestleMania, I had the pleasure of attending WrestleCon 2015.


Chick On Tinder Makes Most Bizarre Request We’ve Ever Seen

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Spend enough time on Tinder and at some point you're going to see something that'll make you cock your head in confusion.


Women Responds To News That Her Man’s Cheating By Trying To ‘Big Love’ His Chick On The Side


Is there a creepier way to react to news that your husband is cheating on you than by trying to smother the 3rd party with love.

Wellesley College

Check Out the Lifelike Sculpture of a Man In His Underwear Freaking Out an Entire College


The women of Wellesley College are pretty freaked out about a new sculpture titled “Sleepwalker” recently installed in busy spot on campus.

nightmare fuel

Nightmare fuel: Abandoned hospital has a creepy Cabbage Patch Doll premie ward


Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia, which is actually an abandoned medical facility, is a cringe-inducing toy store camouflaged to look like the inside of a sterilized operating room.

profile pictures

Website Shows Facebook Profile Picture of Every User


Ever wanted to see the profile picture of every single person on Facebook.


Great, now a creepy robot can pick up and throw cinder blocks


Boston Dynamics seems like a nice company run by good people, and, yet, they bring the disturbing BigDog to the world.

Gadgets for men

DNA Marker Gun is… kinda disturbing, actually


So there's a gun where you can fire your DNA at people, and splatter it all over someone's clothes, and then track them down with it.

Sex toys

Just a Creepy Older Guy Talking About Sex Toys and Role-Playing


I suppose it’s possible that a mature person could watch this and get some useful information.


Security cameras about to be able to predict what you do next


Security cameras are actually fairly creepy at this point.

uh oh

Scientists build motion-tracking radar that detects breathing


Ever get the feeling that scientists are just deliberately trying to create a totalitarian police state sometimes.

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