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Creepiest Doctor Ever Sent Naked Selfies To Patients and Allegedly Beat Off To Medical Images

You don't want your surgeon rocking serious wood during the procedure.

Creepy Dude Video Bombs Alex Smith During Sunday Night Football Post Game Interview

All this anxious (dude can't stand still) video-bomber needed to complete this look was a comically large cigar and thick mustache. Who knows, maybe his

24-Year-Old Finance Guy Asks Girls from OKCupid to Complete Creepy Survey After Dates

Remember the Wall Streeter that kept a painfully detailed spreadsheet of his Match.com dates? This might one-up that. Via Deadspin comes the tail of a

“I Miss You Megan” Is The Most Romantic/Creepy Video Dedication Ever

Alex and Megan were madly in love with each other, then the romance ended. Alex is now having second thoughts about the break-up.