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Completely Sane Woman Leaves 75 Notes Across Town After Not Getting Guy’s Number

Ninety-five percent of what's wrong with humanity can be traced back to the advent of romantic comedies. 

Drunk Woman Watches ‘Braveheart,’ Attacks Neighbor With Sword

An Australian woman got a little too amped while drinking and watching Braveheart, leaving her house to chase around her neighbors with a sword.

Crazy Girlfriend Tries to Destroy Boyfriend’s XBox While Screaming at Him

All kinds of crazy in this video. Says the YouTube uploader: "Never mess with a mans Xbox, luckily the console is ok. Their relationship, I

Woman Gets Her Car Towed, So Naturally She Needs $500 Billion

Only in America, folks.   Michelle Mathis is no Dr. Evil, but she is hell-bent on compensation for her car, which was towed in Ohio while

Crazy Woman Showers in NYC Subway With a Gallon of Water

The best part of this entire video is the cameraman's refusal to be appalled by this or to change cars. He took three videos of