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Heroic Man Dramatically Catches Free-Falling Baby

Sure hands.

VIDEO: Blue Angels Pilots Are Legitimately Insane

I literally can't believe how close they are flying.

Ukrainian Soccer Player Saves His Opponent’s Life with Quick Thinking

A good way to tell that something unbelievable has happened in sports is if you watch three minutes of a Ukrainian soccer match.

Insane Russian Teenagers Drop the Craziest GoPro Stunt Compilation You Will Ever Watch

Apparently no one in Russia is afraid of heights and/or death.

You Can Watch Lil Jon’s New Music Video, But You Better Take LSD, Cocaine and Ecstasy First

It cray.

“The Daily Show” Explains Why Russia Produces So Many Insane Videos

In Russia, craziness finds you.

Watch This Guy Pick Up a Vase Worth $1 Million Dollars And Smash It Like ‘No Big Deal’

A Florida artist is facing criminal charges for deliberately smashing a vase by dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. He was […]

Watch John Wall Make a Shot No Other Player in the NBA Can Make

Last night against the Chicago Bulls, John Wall pulled off a shot so absurd I’m convinced no one else in the NBA could make this

The Animatronic Devil Baby Prank is One MESSED Up Prank

This, this is how the freak you prank someone. 

Watch a 50-Car Pileup Along a Wisconsin Freeway

On two narrow lanes of Highway 41/45 outside Germantown, Wisconsin on Sunday, more than 50 cars crashed into each other over a five-minute period. 50 cars. Luckily, no one was

Woman Running From Cops Hit By Two Trains

Good luck follows around good people so it’s really no surprise this woman trying to evade the police in Utah was able to walk away

Watch a Range Rover Plow Through a Biker Gang, Then the Gang Assault the Driver

Some insane stuff went down on New York's busy West Side Highway this weekend, all captured by a disturbing GoPro video at the scene. A

Watch a Laughing Wife Discuss with a Hitman How to Kill Her Husband

20-year-old Julia Charlene Merfeld wanted to drop her husband. Divorce would have been too tough, though—she didn't to break his heart or have her own

Check Out The Lonely Island’s Nice New Video, Featuring Paul Rudd and Sean Combs

The Lonely Island's 'Wack Album' dropped today. As a present to all, they released this video/possibly hypnotic fascist propaganda vehicle for everyone to enjoy. "Go

Watch a Lunatic Drive His Jeep into a Pool

This is how you demolish an above-ground pool in Canada. It is infinitely more fun than the more traditional method of dissembling it responsibly. You

‘World Record for Bed of Nails Sandwich’ Is Infinitely More Entertaining Than It Sounds

This very well may be the dumbest, most nonsensical "dangerous" activity any group of humans could possibly think of. Which of course, is why it's

‘Major League Combat’ (AKA Juggle-Fighting) Is Arguably the Most Bizzare Sport You’ll Ever See

This is the sort of thing ESPN The Ocho was meant for. 

Watch Crazy Canadians Drive a Car Through an RV for Fun

Canada is the new Mississippi.

This ‘Synchronized Human Chain Belly Flop’ Is All Kinds of Outrageous

As the video title says, only in Japan...

Watch a Girl Narrowly Escape Getting Hit by Subway

A little adrenaline boost for your Monday morning. This, friends, is why you never go down on the rails.

WOAH: Watch a Blood-Thirsty Great White Shark Penetrate Shark-Proof Cage

During this video, either the man holding the camera (vertically, damnit!), or someone else in the boat yells, "HOLY F*CKBALLS." It's appropriate.

Watch a ‘Dead’ Deer Jump Out of a Car’s Trunk, ‘Tommy Boy’-Style

Tommy: "Where are we gonna take the deer?"

This Chicken’s ‘Monster Eggs’ Look Like the Beginning of a Threat to Human Existence

I've watched enough heinously awful straight to television D-List action movies in my day to recognize the innocent beginnings to a mutated monster species when

Here’s Ridiculous POV Footage of a Climber Sliding Down a Mountain

Mark Roberts is alive today and escaped this 100-foot-fall with just minor injuries. Whew.

This Is One (Pretty Ridiculous) Way to Shovel Snow Off a Roof

One of those "wait for it" type deals. But you won't leave feeling ripped off. I know this because I am not a salesperson with

Entertain Yourself with This Ridiculous Chick Fight from a Girls Bathroom

So THIS is why girls always go to the bathroom together. 

Watch a Woman Dodge a Plane by Two Feet

Have you discovered the YouTube/LiveLeak dichotomy yet? The one that says, if you watch a video on YouTube about, say, a woman standing in the

Woman on Scooter Gets FLOORED by a Truck, Miraculously Escapes with Only Minor Injuries

For the sensationalist in all of us. 

Bro Helicopter Pilot Notices an RC Plane Is Stuck in Tree, Dangerously Retrieves It for Owner

Maybe it's the good ol' boy accent or the fact that he never puts down his cigarette while piloting the helicopter, but I'm not surprised

The Claycats Version of ‘Hitman Absolution’ Features Clay Felines Brutally Murdering Each Other

1. Extremely impressive. 2. Hands down the best, and one of the only postive usage of cats on the internet. 

Chinese College Student Saves the Day, Defeats Attacker with Spirited Kung Fu Kick

Minus the Kung Fu element, this seems like something specifically reserved for Russia. Regardless, it's great to see China join in on the "look how

5 Guys Get Shot with 21,000 Paintballs to Raise Awareness For Global Poverty

Apparently, there's not an easier way to get people pumped up about poverty... Go figure. Also, note the amount of wayward paintballs here. They employed