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Potential Buzzer Beater Just Kinda Hangs Out On the Rim — Forever

Check out the almost ending to a high school basketball contest between TEAM A and TEAM B (because is knowing their names necessary?). It’s the

Watch This Drunk Dude Take Blow Darts to the Chest (and N*pple)

Just in case you forgot how drunk and crazy Canadians are, here is a crash course in the New Age practice of Canadian acupuncture. The

Motorcyclist Injured in Circus Stunt Vows to Ride Again

Motorcross athlete Josh Headford was attempting a stunt Sunday during the Shrine Circus in Saginaw, Michigan when his bike hit a

Guy Turns Mobility Scooter Into Extremely Awesome, Dangerous Vehicle

Speed-crazed Colin Furze decided that a mobility scooter was really just a badass toy hidden beneath a practical and geriatric-targeted exterior. With a

Watch This Crazy Dirt Bike Ride on a Narrow, Snowy Trail

I wouldn't dare walk on this snow-covered trail, let alone take my dirt bike and go for a fun little joyride on it,

In Amsterdam They Ring in the New Year by Shooting Fireworks from Their Butts

There are many reasons to go to Amsterdam. To see a man shoot fireworks from his ass wouldn't be my first reason to

VIDEO: Guy Jumps On Stage at Rammstein Concert; Lead Singer Sets Him On Fire with a Flamethrower

Not to be the type of prick who judges other people's taste in music, but apparently the dark,

Man Who Eats Soap, Tampons, and Deodorant Upstages His Eating With His Own Comments

Meet YouTube user ShoeNice22. I just stumbled upon his page and it is something else. The guy

Crystal Meth Found in Sneakers; Obama Releases Birth Certificate; Sword Fight Video

Drug Bust SneakersHere are this morning's top news headlines:

  • Drugs: 10 drug couriers were found

Dodgers, Giants Come Together; Japan Crisis at Level 7; Jumbo Jet Clips Plane at JFK

A380 Collides Planes

Here are this morning's top news headlines:

  • Japan: The assessment of the nuclear disaster in Japan has been raised to a

Insane Girl Overjoyed About Japan Earthquake Claiming It’s a Good Sign from God

I could careless about which God people do or do not believe in, so long as they don't

Half of All Men May Have HPV; Aguilera Arrested; Car Hits 40 Bicyclists

Car Runs Down Bicyclists Brazil

Here are this morning's top news headlines:

  • Libya: Col. Gadaffi's forces seem to be making

VIDEO: What It Looks Like When a Skier Falls Off a Mountain

Here's the build up to this video. It's a perfect bluebird day and two dudes are ready to

Video: Houston Police Officers Brutally Kick Teen Burgulary Suspect

Houston Police Brutality

If you were thinking of becoming a teenage burglar in Houston, you might want to think again. Months after a

Mubarak Flees Cairo, ‘Tupac’ Biopic Planned, Groupon Pulls Ads

burma train boarding

Here are this morning's top news headlines…

  • Egypt: The military is backing President Mubarak, who refused to step down last night,

Guy Jumps From 40-Foot Platform Into Kiddie Pool

Professor Splash Platform Dive

In this video, a guy from Norway, who runs with the handle Professor Splash, dives off a

Slow Job Growth, But Unempoyment Drops to 9 Percent; Biggest Super Bowl Ever?

Russian Guy Jumps From Building

Here are this morning's top news headlines...

  • Economy: Although the nation only added 36,000 jobs in January, the unemployment

March of Millions Planned for Egypt; Duke Crushed; In-and-Out Dunk

In and Out Dunk

Here are this morning's top headlines…

  • Egypt: Organizers are calling for the largest demonstrations yet — "a march of millions"

VIDEO: Crazy Brazilian Accused Murder Really Doesn’t Want to Talk to the Media

Brazilian Murderer

Um, dude is crazy. He's a Brazilian accused of murdering his mother. And he really doesn't want