crazy video

Potential Buzzer Beater Just Kinda Hangs Out On the Rim — Forever


Check out the almost ending to a high school basketball contest between TEAM A and TEAM B (because is knowing their names necessary.

crazy video

Watch This Drunk Dude Take Blow Darts to the Chest (and N*pple)


Just in case you forgot how drunk and crazy Canadians are, here is a crash course in the New Age practice of Canadian acupuncture.


Motorcyclist Injured in Circus Stunt Vows to Ride Again


Motorcross athlete Josh Headford was attempting a stunt Sunday during the Shrine Circus in Saginaw, Michigan when his bike hit a cable, sending him 25 feet to the ground.


Guy Turns Mobility Scooter Into Extremely Awesome, Dangerous Vehicle


Speed-crazed Colin Furze decided that a mobility scooter was really just a badass toy hidden beneath a practical and geriatric-targeted exterior.

dirt bikes

Watch This Crazy Dirt Bike Ride on a Narrow, Snowy Trail


I wouldn't dare walk on this snow-covered trail, let alone take my dirt bike and go for a fun little joyride on it, but this guy is a man, not a pansy like myself.


VIDEO: Guy Jumps On Stage at Rammstein Concert; Lead Singer Sets Him On Fire with a Flamethrower


Not to be the type of prick who judges other people's taste in music, but apparently the dark, German metal band Rammstein is still around.

morning headlines

Crystal Meth Found in Sneakers; Obama Releases Birth Certificate; Sword Fight Video


Here are this morning's top news headlines: Drugs: 10 drug couriers were found in a New Zealand airport with $10 million of crystal meth — in their sneakers.

planes collide jfk

Dodgers, Giants Come Together; Japan Crisis at Level 7; Jumbo Jet Clips Plane at JFK


Here are this morning's top news headlines: Japan: The assessment of the nuclear disaster in Japan has been raised to a level 7 of 7, although the situation is still not as disastrous as the Chernobyl explosion in 1986, the last time level 7 was reached.


Insane Girl Overjoyed About Japan Earthquake Claiming It’s a Good Sign from God


  I could careless about which God people do or do not believe in, so long as they don't pontificate their ideals in my presence and they aren't dead-set on harming those who don't hold the same beliefs.

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