crazy plays

Here’s a Pretty Tremendous Buzzer-Beater to Win a State Championship


After that ridiculous game-winner from New Rochelle two weeks back, we have yet another unreal finish to a high school playoff game, this time resulting in a state championship.

peewee football

Wild Pee Wee Football Game Ending Gives New Meaning to ‘Play Until The Whistle Blows’


Oh man, I feel bad for the poor defender that spiked the ball after catching it, thinking that was game while the play was still in motion.


Chatham vs. Hackettstown Gives Us The Craziest High School Football Play Of the Year So Far


Though it's only September, New Jersey's Chatham High School gives us an early frontrunner for the craziest high school football play of the season so far.

triple a

Watch a Certifiably Insane Triple-A Triple Play


As far as baseball plays go, this one is quite the humdinger.

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