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Homeless Man Drops Wisdom About Cancer, Weed, and Coochie Burgers in NYC Subway

Homeless man speaks the truth in NYC subway.

Woman Loses Her Mind in Wal-Mart Parking Lot When Confronted For Leaving Her Dog in a Hot Car for 90 Minutes

Don't leave your dogs sitting in a hot car for 90 minutes, you guys.

Crazy Naked Guy Hurls Himself Into a Moving Car Through the Sunroof, Attacks Driver

Nude and stupid is no way to go through life...

Stupid Study Says You Can Help Crazy People By Dating Them

Bitches be...

Kim Jong-Un Is Stepping up His Crazy Dictator Game, Forcing All Men to Cut Their Hair Like His

Either he's lost is mind or... no, he's lost his mind.

McDonald’s in Ireland Locked Out an Unruly Customer, Guy Kicks Down the Fucking Door

Is he saying, "You want to fuck my mother?" as he attempts to pepper spray the McDonald's employee?

Watch Crazy Cursing Guy Verbally Abuse a Trumpet-Playing Street Performer to a Wonderful Degree

If he hates trumpets this much, I wonder about his thoughts on SadTrombone.com. Different instrument, sure, but that condescending tone would really burn his already-on-fire ass.

Is Google God?

In America, you can believe in whatever God you want. A small sect of people have founded a religion worshiping Google. 

These Crazy Russian Bros Climbed Some of Europe’s Most Famous Landmarks

Back in March, a group of insane Russian photographers climbed the Great Pyramids of Giza and came away with viewpoints unlike anything you'll ever see.

Store Owner Gets Shot and Still Fights Off Two Gunmen With a Baseball Bat

How is this guy not dead? The gunmen shot at him a combined 10 times from less than 5ft away and the best they could

Man Wielding a Knife Outside of Buckingham Palace Gets the Piss Tased Out of Him

Is he really...? Oh God...he is. He's holding himself hostage! What a clown. Good-looking knife, though; really digging the green handle, but what a fucking

Here’s Gary Busey Talking About Making Love to an Inner Tube, Because Saturday

Gary Busey has one of the greatest channels on YouTube. Last week, he ranted on a California hillside about hobbits. This week, he talked about

Watch a Crazy Guy Walk, Do Pull-ups on a Crane…Without Any Ropes

What's so scary about falling hundreds of feet to your death at any moment? Nothing, apparently. 

What an Economy: Meet a Dude Who Charges $20 to Get Kicked in the Nuts

Pain pays the bills. 

Despite Searing ‘Satan Lives’ Into Bread, Haunted Toaster Owner Couldn’t Part With Machine in 1984

In 1984, the "Today Show" aired this interview. And let me tell you, not even the moment Tom Cruise called Matt Lauer "glib" could hold

Tracy McGrady Arrives in China, Ignites Insane Mob and Minor Revolution

This, right here, is irrefutable proof that America, by virtue of the diety known as Tracy McGrady, will always be number one. 

There Are A Lot of Psycho Gym-Goers Out There. This Guy May Very Well Take the Cake

There's your phsyically demanding workout, and then there's...umm...this?

Guy Foolishly Takes Back Girlfriend Who Literally Bit His Balls Off

Look, there’s a lot to be said for forgiving and forgetting, but there’s more to be said for standing up for your precious scrotum.

Raider Nation Holds a Wedding, And It’s Among One of the Scariest Sights You’ll Ever See

There's gangs, there's cults, there's bloodthirsty santeria taken too far, and THEN there's this wedding.  

Jordanian MP Whips Out Gun During Political Debate On Live Television

A few days ago, colleague Andy Moore wrote a post about a guy and his "Hannah Montana Coon Repllent." His takeway--a brilliant one, might I

Shoenice Fulfills Every Kindergartener’s Dream By Chugging a Bottle of Elmer’s Glue

What's left to say, that hasn't already been said, about Shoenice and his impending death? Nothing, nothing at all is left. But speaking of death,

Shoenice Slams Entire Bottle of Sambuca, Still Doesn’t Die

I'm not much of a Sambuca drinker -- it tastes like an unkempt a**hole to me -- but I've seen it at its worst and

Bruins Fan Shoves Lightning Mascot Over Silly String

If you're not nine years old, mascots are really annoying. Firing T-shirts from guns, doing wacky dances, and just distracting you from enjoying

Watch This Crazy Man Beat Up Cars

Have you ever been so angry that you punched inanimate objects? Have you ever been so crazy that you punched an entire parking

This Dude Walked Across Subway Tracks Just to Punch a Stranger in the Face

Forget walking across two live subway tracks just to strike another in the face, I wish I had this kind of desire for anything in

Woman Sues Government After a Lamp Falls and She Injures Herself Having Sex on Work Trip

I f*cking love this chick. Outs herself as a smut hoe just so she can try the system, sue the government that employs her, and

Insane Girl Who Said the Japanese Earthquake Was a Good Sign from God Now Says She Was Joking

Want to see the face of a sick f*ck who thinks it's funny to joke about the deaths of 10,000-plus Japanese? You're looking right at

Insane Girl Overjoyed About Japan Earthquake Claiming It’s a Good Sign from God

  I could careless about which God people do or do not believe in, so long as they don't pontificate their ideals in my presence and

Oregon Man Legally Changes Name to Captain Awesome After ‘Chuck’ Character

This is probably why America is the greatest country in the world. Find one other place with citizens like this — meet Captain Awesome. No, this