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Guy Films Family Freaking Out Over NFL Games For the Second Year, It’s So Staged It Makes Me Sick

I posted about this football-loving family last year after their friend (or family member) secretly videotaped them watching the NFL with great fervor. Well,

Jets Fan Goes On Alcohol-Fueled Hate Rant Towards Geno Smith, Asks Him to Blow Out His Own ACL

Thirty years of heartbreak can do a lot to a man. So can a thirty rack of beer. Put those two things together and that's

Bro Secretly Videotapes His Friend’s Family Have Meltdowns While Watching NFL Games All Season

Brilliant idea and HOLY CHRIST does this wildly entertaining video really come into its own when the father of the family joins the fun at

Crazy Fan Brawl Breaks Out in Stands At the Pro Bowl, Players on Sideline Ignore Game to Watch

The players may take off plays and give less-than their all during the Pro Bowl, but the fans apparently don't. Watch as players on the

The New Orleans Saints’ Team Bus Barely Survives Savage Egging By Atlanta Falcons Fans

The New Orleans Saints aren’t welcome in Atlanta. Shortly after arriving at in the Peach State, their team bus was egged by over-exuberant Falcons fans.

Mother of Southern Miss Quarterback Arrested After Altercation in Stands

Saturday was rough for the Alford family. Anthony, who quarterbacks the Southern Miss football team, was injured in his team’s blowout loss to Marshall. Lawanda

Look at This Terrible Pittsburgh Steelers Tattoo

There is no greater way to prove devotion to your local sports team than getting their logo tattooed on your flesh. I AM A REAL

Dolphins Fan Gets Team Logo Tattooed on His Head As His Eeyore Neck Tattoo Looks On

I'm 100% more interested in learning how and why he got a Eeyore tattoo on his neck than I am to learn why he got

Watch ESPN’s Beautiful and Haunting ‘Team Spirit’ Documentary, Direct by Errol Morris

This will leave you breathless.

We’ve Found the World’s Craziest Yu Darvish Fan

Yu Darvish made his major league debut Monday night, working through a rough first inning to pick up the win against Seattle. Darvish