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DudeBro With GoPro Riding Dirt Bike Gets Rear Ended, Winds Up on Roof of Other Car

Unfortunate, certainly.

Watch a Train Destroy a Tractor Trailer Stuck on California Railroad Tracks

Big truck fall hard?

What Happens When You Crash a Car at 209 MPH in the Desert?

You do this. And apparently, if you’re lucky, like Brian Gillespie, you survive with only a concussion and a collapsed lung. That’s a lot of

Here’s What an Indy Car Crashing Into Your Face Looks Like

Dario Franchitti fractured two vertebrae and broke his ankle in this insane crash during yesterday’s Grand Prix of Houston. The wild accident sent debris into

Want to See a Lamborghini Aventador SPLIT IN HALF During a Wreck?

Yeah, us too. And really, why not? 

Check Out Today’s Pretty Big Tour de France Crash, Which Went Down Right Near the Finish Line

Forgot the Tour de France was going on? You're not alone. So that you can be interested for about 2 minutes (and therefore say that

Insane Japanese Car Crash Will Make You Yell, ‘Oh, Sh*t!’

Despite every indication to the contrary, everyone involved in this horrific crash is alive. That is simply astounding. 

Fiery 747 Cargo Plane Crash in Afghanistan Captured on Camera

Yesterday, a Boeing 747 crashed shortly after takeoff from Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan. All seven civilian crew members were killed. The Taliban initially claimed

Watch Russian Dude ‘The Punisher’ Totally Take Out Drivers Who Cut Him Off

Alright, fuck this guy. Get that he's trying to send a message and/or appear to be cool or whatever, but this is too far. People

Watch the World’s Longest Domino Wall Go Tumbling, Tumbling Down

It just falls, and falls, and falls. 

It’s Pretty Goddamn Interesting to Watch a Truck Full of Cows Crash

Mother of Christ is that ever compelling footage. Glad to see no cows were injured on the way to the slaughterhouse because that would have

This Overpass Crashes Every Truck That Tries to Pass Beneath It

Good old Andy said he lived 50 feet from this bridge during his senior year. It’s a miracle he got anything done. Watching stuff crash

Check Out This Ridiculous Compilation of Nitro Circus Crashes

Nitro Circus, which stars Travis Pastrana and other similarly crazy action sports stars, has released a collection of their worst crashes while performing their stunts.

Mini Moto Racer Crashes, Escapes Gnarly Injury By Closest of Margins

Ladies and gentlemen – well, mostly gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the luckiest dude in America.

Ever Wonder What a High-Speed Crash Looks Like to a Racecar Driver?

Sweet God in heaven! Look at how much of a beating this dude’s head takes. It’s enough to make Roger Goodell fine the pavement.

Insane 25 Car Pile-Up at Yesterday’s ‘Roadside Assistance 500’ Required A LOT of Roadside Assistance

This went down at Talladega yesterday. Looks more like a massive, every-car-for-itself brawl, than it does anything else. 

Watch Skateboarder Going 40mph Get Demolished By a Passing Deer

The uploader of the video said, "The deer fled away after the accident and I am sure he wasn't hurt." That's it. That's all he

Why Die When You Can Be Really Lucky? Presenting the ‘Luckiest People’ Compilation

This is a video of people who came within inches of death--close enough to be all like "what up, yo," and kick back a few

Anthony Davidson’s Insanely Scary Crash at the 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours

Absolutely frightening crash during hour five of the legendary Le Mans 24-hour. Toyota's Anthony Davidson becomes airborne and flies into a safety wall after getting

Crazy Stuff Captured on Russian Dashcams: A Complete Guide

It seems like almost every day we run across some ridiculous footage shot from the dashcam of a Russian person. Someone else has noticed this

GP3 Driver Conor Daly Somehow Walked Away from This Incredible Crash Unharmed

Wow. Conor Daly went for the ride of his life when his car went airborne during a GP3 race in Monaco. The trouble begins around

ARCA Driver Matt Affarano Had a Bit of a Crash Yesterday

ARCA racer Matt Affarano survived a scary crash yesterday at Talladega that saw him flip over a half-dozen times. He was treated for

Watch POV Footage of Brian Purdy’s Motorcycle Explosion During the 2011 Manx GP

This incredible footage from the Isle of Man's Man Grand Prix is one of the craziest, most amazing things you'll see today.  During

Someone Made a Golf Cart Fail Compilation

I'm not much of a golfer, but I never suspected a golf cart would be difficult or dangerous to operate. You get in,