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Jackson Strong’s Snowmobile Crashes Into the Crowd at the Winter X Games

Absolutely terrifying. During Sunday's Winter X Games in Aspen, Jackson Strong attempted a back flip combo of some sort during the Snowmobile Freestyle event.But things went

Check Out This Ridiculous Compilation of Nitro Circus Crashes

Nitro Circus, which stars Travis Pastrana and other similarly crazy action sports stars, has released a collection of their worst crashes while performing their stunts.

The Most Insane Motorcycle Accident You’ll See Today

Downright terrifying. He's lucky to be alive. 

Anthony Davidson’s Insanely Scary Crash at the 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours

Absolutely frightening crash during hour five of the legendary Le Mans 24-hour. Toyota's Anthony Davidson becomes airborne and flies into a safety wall after getting

Watch POV Footage of Brian Purdy’s Motorcycle Explosion During the 2011 Manx GP

This incredible footage from the Isle of Man's Man Grand Prix is one of the craziest, most amazing things you'll see today.  During

VIDEO: Boujmaa Guilloul’s Intense Windsurfing Crash

Last week professional windsurfer Boujmaa Guilloul took a gross spill after catching some serious ups on a huge wave. Surfer Today tells us the 26-year-old