UF Fan Posts Craigstlist Ad For New Gators Football Head Coach–Wants Women To Keep Their Mouths Shut

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The University of Florida football program has fallen into complete disarray under current head coach Will Muschamp, and one sexist Gators fan is taking the search for a new coach to Craigslist.

kevin spacey

You Can Buy A Jar Of Kevin Spacey’s Breath Off Of Craigslist If You’re Creepy And Have Money To Burn


Shutterstock You may have thought you read the title to this post wrong, but nope.

mac lethal

Mac Lethal Wrote A Rap Song Using Nothing But Craigslist Ads


Mac Lethal has been one of my favorite YouTube rappers ever since he dropped his explosively fast take on "Look at Me Now" about flipping pancakes in 2011.


10 Best Craigslist Sections To Hit Up When You’re Bored


Craigslist can be the biggest time suck in the world -- if you know how to navigate through all the postings about rollerblading stalkers and applications to be winter boyfriends.


Attention Bros: If This Is Your Bulge, A Chick On Craigslist Wants You

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Attention all men riding the New York City subway system -- if you can verify that this is indeed your chub the pair of Old Navy workout shorts, some lovely lady is looking for you on Missed Connections.


The 20 Creepiest ‘Missed Connections’ On Craigslist


Most of us use Craigslist for typical everyday stuff, like looking for jobs, selling cars, or buying used junk.

job search

Unemployed Student Calls Out Shitty Employers on Craigslist With a Post On Craigslist


If you want someone to hire you, maybe proofread your attempt at ripping them a new asshole.

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