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This Craigslist Ad For a 1987 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL Is Nothing Short of Epic

  There have been a lot of really funny Craigslist ads of late, but this might be my new favorite […]

Dope Bros Post Sick Craigslist Ad For Awesome Room in … Suburban Townhouse

We get a lot of tips in the BroBible inbox, but this one, about a Craigslist ad for a room in outside D.C., really piqued

The 7 Greatest Craigslist Posts of 2013

This just in: Craigslist is pretty effed up. Craigslist posters, you certainly know how to weird a bro out, but occasionally – very occasionally –

College Girl Posts on Craigslist About FSU Frat Guy Gloryhole Fantasy

Spotted on the Tallahassee, Florida Craigslist page by a BroBible tipster: A Valdosta State University girl who is looking for a discreet casual encounter with an Florida

Craigslist Genius Writes Ad for 1971 Honda CB350 That’ll ‘Transport You Through Zombie Apocalypse’

For a brief, shining minute, before it was flagged for removal today, Craigslist possessed possibly the single greatest motorcycle ad of all time. Written about

College Kid Writes Craigslist Ad Asking Someone to Name Beer Pong Playing Fish

A college kid from Baton Rouge (LSU?) got sh*tfaced last week and woke up with a fish purchased from Wal-Mart. The student doesn't know what