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Saddest Man On Craigslist Really Doesn’t Want to Sell His Subaru; Hilarity Ensues

  We feel for this poor man. He loves his car, yet the lady in his life says it has […]

Drunk Baltimore Bro Makes Craigslist Ad During Snowstorm for ‘Emergency Taco Bell Run’

Desperate times call for desperate messures. In the case of this Baltimore bro who's been knocking back drinks during his snow day, a Taco Bell

The 7 Greatest Craigslist Posts of 2013

This just in: Craigslist is pretty effed up. Craigslist posters, you certainly know how to weird a bro out, but occasionally – very occasionally –

Canadian Bro Writes Hilarious Craigslist Ad for His Ex-Girlfriend’s Dresser

This poor guy must have just had his heart wrung-out like a washcloth. He's selling the dresser his ex left behind, pouring his heart out

Epic Craigslist Missed Connection: ‘Drunk Naked Girl On My Lawn Last Night’

I'm not sure what the full story is here, but whatever happened in Seattle's Elma neighborhood sure sounded, uh, weird. This sounds like it could

College Girl Posts on Craigslist About FSU Frat Guy Gloryhole Fantasy

Spotted on the Tallahassee, Florida Craigslist page by a BroBible tipster: A Valdosta State University girl who is looking for a discreet casual encounter with an Florida

A Very Farty Craigslist Missed Connection, Plus Today’s Fix (23 Pics)

Since Craigslist farting confessions are all the rave these days, here's a missed connection from a who called a lady out for denying a fart.

Craigslist Post of the Week: Would You Let This Maniac Be Your Roommate?

Someone who scours the San Francisco sections of Craigslist just emailed us this post made by a guy looking for a place to live. He