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Ultimate NYC Bro on Craigslist Is Looking for Someone to Break In His Rainbow Flip-Flops For Him

I feel think man's pain; The blisters that come with breaking in a pair of Rainbows suck, especially when you're planning on raging in them

This Craigslist Ad For a 1987 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL Is Nothing Short of Epic

  There have been a lot of really funny Craigslist ads of late, but this might be my new favorite […]

Drunk Baltimore Bro Makes Craigslist Ad During Snowstorm for ‘Emergency Taco Bell Run’

Desperate times call for desperate messures. In the case of this Baltimore bro who's been knocking back drinks during his snow day, a Taco Bell

Canadian Bro Writes Hilarious Craigslist Ad for His Ex-Girlfriend’s Dresser

This poor guy must have just had his heart wrung-out like a washcloth. He's selling the dresser his ex left behind, pouring his heart out

College Girl Posts on Craigslist About FSU Frat Guy Gloryhole Fantasy

Spotted on the Tallahassee, Florida Craigslist page by a BroBible tipster: A Valdosta State University girl who is looking for a discreet casual encounter with an Florida

Read the Craigslist Confession of a NYC Chef Who ‘Farted on Every Single One of My Employees’

It took this New York City chef three months to fart on every single one of his 37 employees. That right there, people, is what

Still looking For A Summer Intern Job? Why Not Work For Wu-Tang Clan

Looking for a summer intern job where you can gain valuable experience that will aid you in all your future career endeavors? Have you thought

Someone in Hoboken Needs a ‘Little Person’ for Hoboken St. Patty’s Day

This Saturday, March 5, is Hoboken's annual drunken, debaucherous St. Patrick's day celebration. One party host is looking to up the ante at this year's

25% Ownership Stake of the New York Mets For Sale on Craigslist

Want to buy a quarter share of a baseball franchise that's the perennial laughing stock of Major League Baseball every September AND embroiled in fallout