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Man Selling His 2001 Ford Escape On Craigslist Uses Unconventional Sales Technique Of Calling It A ‘Piece Of Shit’


If you were trying to sell a yellow, 2001 Ford Escape on Craigslist how would you go about doing it.


Texas Bro Puts Ad On Craigslist Seeking A Homeless Girl Who Wants A Place To Live. You Know, As Long As She Swallows.

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Craigslist Lonely people do some desperate shit, but looking to take in a homeless girl to kinda/sorta be your live-in girlfriend is about as desperate as it gets.

law textbooks

Guy Trying to Sell His Law Textbooks on Craigslist Promises Books Will Bring New Owner Tons of Sex


When an idiotic, yet hilarious, Craigslist ad comes across my desk, I can't ignore it.

selling a car on craigslist

Man Selling His 1987 Mercedes-Benz on Craigslist Goes to Great Lengths to Convince Us of Its Unbridled Awesomeness


Might want to print this out and take it to the can with you on your next dump break because IT'S LONG.

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College Girl Posts on Craigslist About FSU Frat Guy Gloryhole Fantasy


Spotted on the Tallahassee, Florida Craigslist page by a BroBible tipster: A Valdosta State University girl who is looking for a discreet casual encounter with an Florida State University frat guy involving a gloryhole.

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