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Craigslist Offer of a Lifetime: For Only $40 Per Night You Can Sleep in This Guy’s Conversion Sleeper Van…WITH HIM!

On the surface, this ad smells creepy. Smells like murder. Smells like murder involving a hearty helping of dismemberment.

Guy Trying to Sell His Law Textbooks on Craigslist Promises Books Will Bring New Owner Tons of Sex

When an idiotic, yet hilarious, Craigslist ad comes across my desk, I can't ignore it. You people know that.

UGA Students Posts Craigslist Ad Asking Hitman to Injure Them and Save Them from Finals

Ah, finals.

Man Selling His 1987 Mercedes-Benz on Craigslist Goes to Great Lengths to Convince Us of Its Unbridled Awesomeness

Might want to print this out and take it to the can with you on your next dump break because […]

College Girl Posts on Craigslist About FSU Frat Guy Gloryhole Fantasy

Spotted on the Tallahassee, Florida Craigslist page by a BroBible tipster: A Valdosta State University girl who is looking for a discreet casual encounter with an Florida

Boston Parents Solicit Special Christmas Gangbang on Craigslist for Daughter with Cerebral Palsy

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Want to read the most messed-up (and probably fake) Craigslist ad you'll read all day?