tuna fishing

Canadian Man Has Discovered The Secret To Catching Giant Tuna: Using Crack Cocaine As Bait


One man from North Lake Prince Edward Island, Canada has discovered the key to catching giant blue fin tuna, one of the most sought after game fish in the world.

Rob Ford smoking

Rob Ford smoked crack again and Justin Bieber made fun of him


Rob Ford was secretly recorded smoking crack by a drug dealer.


Toronto cops have Rob Ford crack tape


Canadian mayor set to explode in a geyser of profanity any day now.

Florida man

Florida Man Tries To Pay Bills With Crack


A Florida man tried to pay his bills in the most Florida man way possible.


Crack head wants crack more than you’ve ever wanted anything


If we're to believe the video uploader's allegations, this lady loves her crack.

Sherman Perry

Sex on the beach leads to arrests


Sex on the beach isn't the biggest deal in the world.

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