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Rap Game Rob Ford Made a Dope Beat This Weekend

And it begs the question: Is he the new Kanye? This weekend, Toronto mayor and noted lover of the game [...]

The 12 Worst Things Addicts on Reddit Admitted to Doing for a Fix

Drugs! They are… really, really addicting. And if you get very, very addicted to them, you will do seriously fucked [...]

Rob Ford Is Heading to a Town Where His Crack Smoking Will Be Appreciated

Washington, D.C., of course. 

Crack is Back! Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Rob Ford has made crack cool again. 

A Brutally Honest Rob Ford Admits He’s Bought Illegal Drugs in the Past Two Years

You'd think a mayor would get the hook up, no?

The Taiwanese Animation of Rob Ford Has Beavers Smoking Crack and a VHS Tape Up Rob Ford’s Butt

And that's just in the first five seconds. 

Florida Man Tries To Pay Bills With Crack

A Florida man tried to pay his bills in the most Florida man way possible. By bartering with the crack cocaine he possesed.