killer octopus

Moment Unsuspecting Crab Gets Merked By Octopus Flying Out Of Water

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This poor crab is minding his business, catching some rays in Yallingup, a town in Western Australian.

fast food

McDonalds Is Putting Old Bay On Its Fish-O-Fillet Sandwich, Cause That’s What Maryland Does Bitches

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It's impossible to visit the State of Maryland and not feel like you just took a bath in Old Bay Seasoning.


A Go-Pro attached to a crab net will show you all about what life is really like under the sea


Watch this video of a Go-Pro attached to a crab net underwater and maybe learn a little bit about what really goes on underwater.

the ocean

Someone Put a GoPro at the Bottom of the Ocean (It’s Freaking Cool)


The other day I declared 2014 to be "The Year of the GoPro" and said the next evolution would be sticking them on fish to see the ocean.

TV shows

‘There’s Nothing Coddling About Crabfishing’: Tales from the Bering Sea with Capt. Keith Colburn


"I have something to say to all your frat 'Bros' who think they can come up to Alaska and fish for crab: Sit down and have another beer.

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