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Cowboys Defensive Tackle Jason Hatcher Posts a Bloody Instagram Photo with An Epic Caption

With the Giants falling to the Cowboys yesterday, Jason Pierre-Paul is forced to eat his words about the Giants defense "hunting" Tony Romo. Even better,

WTF?! Watch Cowboys Fans Smash Each Other Over the Head with Beer Bottles After the Chargers Game

Today in people behaving poorly after sporting events: After the Cowboys-Chargers Game this past weekend, a big bruhaha went down in the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot, climaxing with

DeMarco Murray Had a Crazy Run and Rob Ryan Yelled ‘F*ck Yeah!’ Last Night

The banged-up Cowboys pulled off a big 24-17 upset last over the Giants in the NFL season opener, thanks to a 307-yard passing performance from

Jersey Sports Fan: Dreams Do Come True

I never have sh*t to say about these videos because it's a f*cking video and you can figure it out. Plus,  I don't

VIDEO: Bryan McCann Scores TD on a Wild 97-Yard Punt Return

Could Week 11 possibly be any weirder? Bryan McCann better be counting his lucky stars that this punt took a golden bounce AWAY from the

VIDEO: Giants Fans Bloodied By Shirtless Cowboys Faithful in New Meadowlands Stadium Bleacher Brawl

Strange things happen when the lights go out in the swamps of northern New Jersey. For example, this wild bleacher brawl that broke out between

Check Out This Parking Lot Brawl at a Texans-Cowboys Tailgate

Sadly, this week we've failed in our journalistic mission to bring you the very best fan fights from the wide world of sports. Until now.