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Brazilian Street Performer Absolutely Nails Cover of Dire Straits’ ‘Sultan of Swing’

Es perfecto (in Portuguese).

Amazing Drummer Plays Every Blink 182 Song in Five Minutes

Well, the popular ones.

Here are the 2 Finalists for the Madden 15 Cover

Two enter, one will emerge.

Yo, Real Talk? This Dude’s Violin Cover of ‘Roar’ Is Pretty Dope

It's very impressive.

Average Dudes Recreate Paulina Gretzky’s “Golf Digest” Cover


Bro Performs Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ Using Only His Mouth and It Will BLOW YOUR MIND

Kind of crazy to think that it's been almost a year since Avicii debuted "Wake Me Up" at Ultra, causing musicheads to turn their heads

Childish Gambino Covers the R&B Classic ‘I’d Die Without You’

Childish recently visited the BBC 1Xtra Live Lounge to record a cover of P.M. Dawn’s early-90s jam “I’d Die Without You,” […]

Miley Cyrus Covers the Arctic Monkey’s ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’

Artistically, this might be one of my favorite things Miley Cyrus has ever done. In a recording for MTV Unplugged, Miley Cyrus […]

Here’s an Awesome Bluegrass Cover of Lorde’s ‘Royals’

For some reason I woke this morning thinking about how awesome it'd be for a bluegrass band to cover Lorde's mega hit single, "Royals." A

Taylor Swift Covering Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ Is Hilariously Bad

What happens when 8 Mile meets Nashville?

New York Bartender Grabs Mic and Covers Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ Masterfully

This is a top 5 song out of anything offered on Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Likely how this New York bartender honed his skills. It's pretty

Extremely Hot Chick Singing AC/DC Extremely Well is Extremely Arousing

Jess Greenberg singing Nirvana singlehandedly shut down BroBible HQ a few months ago. We watched it on repeat and thought impure thoughts for a good

Johnny Manziel Finally Gets His Superhero Magazine Cover

Johnny Manziel is not the hero we need, he’s the hero we deserve – flaws and all. So it makes sense that everyone’s favorite lightning

This Crafty ‘Musical Puns Medley’ Is Actually Just a Really Good Medley

Trombone Thugs N' Harmony, Bassoon 5, or Orchestruff Ryders if you want, but this just a solid, skilled compilation of songs.

Jimmy Eat World Covered Taylor Swift, Made it Better

You never know what life has in store for you. Like, I certainly didn’t expect to be posting a video of Jimmy Eat World covering

We Want to Meet This Dude Covering AC/DC’s Thunderstruck on Fire-Shooting Bagpipes

Well to be honest, I don't need to meet him. Like I'd ask him a question or two and be fascinated by his body of

Watch a Sick, Soulful Cover of Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ by Adam Jensen

Unlike many in the EDM hive-mind, I happen to really, really enjoy Avicii's bluesy twanger, "Wake Me Up." I like it because I appreciate it

This Banjo Cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ is Rather Excellent

The new Daft Punk album was met with an insane amount of anticipation. Now that it’s here, the new hotness is discovering creative covers of

This Bluegrass Cover of Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time’ Is Rather Excellent

This is Seven Handle Circus, a band that did a very smart thing--take that which is topical, and make it their own. This seems to be

Millenials are So Vain, They Probably Think This TIME Magazine Cover is About Them

Now that’s how you write a magazine cover.

Here’s a Kickass Country Music Version of 2Chainz’s ‘Birthday Song’ Feat. Kanye West

A few weeks ago 2Scarves blew my mind with their country version of A$AP Rocky's "F*ckin' Problems." That shit was a kneeslappin', yeehawwin', whiskey-bottle smashin' good time.

This Orchestral Cover of the ‘Game of Thrones’ Theme Features an Awesome Guy on Bongos

Dude is having the time of his life. As he should. 

This Dude Singing Nirvana’s ‘Pennyroyal Tea’ Sounds Scarily Similar to Kurt Cobain

WOW. For one, it's always amazing how much talent you could fine in the dredges of public transportation. Maybe it's because these types tend to

An Amazing Cover of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ as Performed By a Handbell Choir

The Buzzfeed Music YouTube channel has been on fire lately. First there was the freestyle by Joey Bada$$. Then, a few days ago they dropped

Mac Miller Covers Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t She Lovely’

A few days after showing off his piano skills, Mac Miller drops a video on his TreeJ YouTube channel covering the classic Stevie Wonder song,

Mac Miller Shows His Versatility with Unique Cover Choice, New Collab

New stuff from Mac Miller, though definitely a bit of a departure from what we're used to out of the Pittsburgh homeboy.  Larry Dollaz (Mac's

Kelly Clarkson Covered Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ and Actually Did a Good Job

Yes, this is an extremely unlikely pairing. The demure “American Idol” crooner doesn’t exactly ooze street cred. Still, her rendition was surprisingly … not awful.

I’ll Jam to This Acoustic Cover of LMAFO’s ‘Sexy And I Know It’ Any Day of the Week

It's Friday. Let's listen to something different from a chance. Sure, you can listen to electronic music to get your BPM fix. Or

Timeflies Raps Over ‘Call Me Maybe’

Personally, I'm still partial to the guy with no arms doing a "Call Me Maybe" cover on the drums. Easily the best Carly

Guy with No Arms Does Incredible ‘Call Me Maybe’ Cover on the Drums

This might be the most incredible, uplifting thing I've ever watched. This arm-less drummer DESTROYS Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" on the

Finally, The Metal Medley of Deadmau5 Covers You’ve Been Waiting For

Deadmau5 fans, ready to have your mind melted into a puddle? Guitar-shredding YouTube sensation Eric Calderone -- aka 'Eroc' -- created a gnarly