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Texas Wife Takes Out Ad in Newspaper to Congratulate Her Husband For Being a Piece of Shit

Poor form, Patrick Brown...very poor form. Maybe even the worst.

The 8 Different Types of Couples That Suck

We've all been there, seen it, and occasionally taken Snapchats and then blasted them out to everyone on our contact list

Couple Makes Pool Trick Shot Video, Must Be So in Love

It’s fairly safe to assume that a couple that makes a pool trick shot together celebrates by making sweet, sweet love on the table. We’ll

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn Make Their Relationship Facebook-Official

Since it’s 2013, Tiger Woods just directed us all to his Facebook page where there are plenty of new photos of the golfer

How To F*ck With Couples On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. A time for regurgitated blog posts to overtake the internet. You know the ones I’m talking about. How to celebrate your last first

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Are Divorcing

If these two crazy kids couldn’t make it work, then there’s really no hope for any of us.

Couple Caught in Poland Having Sex Atop a Waterslide

Is it wrong that I sincerely hope she was on the rag at the time this happened? Just leaving the pool below looking like a