couples get real

Couples Describe Each Others Private Parts In One Word And Is It Chilly In Here?


I'm so glad I wasn't invited to this because it would undoubtedly cause a fight in my household.

truth or drink

Couples Play ‘Truth Or Drink,’ Reveal They Banged In A Chicken Coop


The good folks over at Cut Video had eight couples (including the director’s grandparents) play a loving game of "Truth or Drink.


Weird Things Couples Do Before Sex


If you have a girlfriend, this video is #ohsotrue.

types of couples

10 types of couples everyone hates


Let’s face it, most couples are awful.


6 ways new couples walk — and what it says about the relationship


Congratulations, you’ve finally found "the one" or you defiled her so badly last night that you feel obligated to at least take her out for breakfast.

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