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Brad Paisley Took Incredible Selfie With Westboro Baptist Idiots Who Were Picketing His Concert

Get 'em, Brad

Peyton Out-Awkwards Eli, Sings Johnny Cash On Stage

He wasn't going to let his brother be the whitest dude of the offseason.

Here’s an Awesome Bluegrass Cover of Lorde’s ‘Royals’

For some reason I woke this morning thinking about how awesome it'd be for a bluegrass band to cover Lorde's mega hit single, "Royals." A

Here’s Proof Every Single Mainstream Country Music Song Was the Exact Same in 2013

I love country music, but let's face it: Everything coming out of Nashville's sound factories sounds like the same cheesy garbage these days. Blah blah blah

How to Power Through an Awkward Elevator Encounter. Plus, Does How Much Sobriety Affect Bro Status?

This week, former homeless man Andy Moore joins host JCamm and pastrami fan Lance to talk up what's been going on

Why Country Music Is Almost As Bad As Bieber

Nashville's pussification of pop-country music is one of the greatest tragedies of the modern era. 

Here’s a Kickass Country Music Version of 2Chainz’s ‘Birthday Song’ Feat. Kanye West

A few weeks ago 2Scarves blew my mind with their country version of A$AP Rocky's "F*ckin' Problems." That shit was a kneeslappin', yeehawwin', whiskey-bottle smashin' good time.

3 Somehow True Stories About Legendary Country Singer/Badass George Jones (RIP)

George Jones was called the greatest living country singer, known for both his distinctive voice and the old-style emotion he put in his songs. What

Be Prepared to Face ‘Sunday Night Football’ Without Faith Hill

How will we survive without having Bob Costas awkwardly toss it to a pre-recorded song by the country star? It’s going to be tough, y’all.

The LL Cool J/Brad Paisley Song ‘Accidental Racist’ Exists

This song has been absolutely savaged around the Internet today. It's not that hard to see why: The LL Cool J verse is inexplicable. ("RIP

Listen to a Kickass Country Version of A$AP Rocky’s ‘F*cking Problems’

Here's your unconventional jam of the day: The Jingle Punks just dropped a cracker-tastic country cover of A$AP Rocky's earworm, "F*cking Problems." More rappers really need

Country Band Uses Google Street View to Make Kickass Music Video

Simple, yet brilliant. And even if this isn't actually the Google Street View car, the song ain't bad.

The Kanye West x Taylor Swift Mash-Up No One Was Really Waiting For

Ever wonder what Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" sounded like when it was mashed up with Kayne's classic, "Homecoming" featuring Chris Martain? Imma

In Defense of Taylor Swift

Opinions on Taylor Swift are a lot like opinions on Tim Tebow: love or hate, there is no in between. Recently, our own Andy Moore