courteney cox

Courteney Cox Is Just Wearing The Hell Out Of This Low-Cut Dress


Courteney Cox was out this week at a screening of something called Just Before I Go and just when I had almost forgotten about her existence she went and pulled me right back in.


This Story About A Guy Sleeping With A Cougar Will Remind You Not To Stick Your Dick Into Wild Animals


Ahh, cougars; the one type of woman every guy wants to be able to brag about sleeping with, and yet most will never get the chance to even bring one home.

jen selter

Jen Selter Posted A Pic Of Her Mom In A Matching Bikini On Instagram, ‘Cause Cougars Are What’s Up


I wrote a haiku tonight about Jen Selter's latest Instagram post featuring her mom: Jen Selter on 'Gram Matching Mom in bikini Hot MILF.


These Top 10 Movie Cougars Of All Time Are Always Up For Some Fun With A Younger Bro


The folks over at WatchMojo have once again presented us with another video sure to generate both discussion as well as a slightly elevated heart rate as over the weekend they released their Top 10 Movie Cougars of All Time.


What Do I Do When A Girl REFUSES To Text First? Plus, Should I Spend Time Dating A Cougar Or Go For Younger Girls?


Welcome back to this week’s “Ask a Babe,” a column in which I sit here and answer the same 5 questions about women asked in different ways over and over again.


I’m Dating A Cougar And She’s Killing Me In Bed, HELP!


Maybe it's time to start hitting the cardio a little harder.

why you should date an older woman

Top 8 reasons MILFs and Cougars are better than younger girls


Fact: Ben Franklin was a Bro King and our nation's beloved Postmaster General loved him some MILFs and Cougars.


Some People Do Not Care for this Smoking Hot Mother of Three Flaunting Her Goods


Maria Kang is a freelance writer/fitness blogger and she is proud of that fact that she is not out of shape after having three kids.


Top 10 Vacation Resorts for Picking Up Cougars


Where was this list when I was single.

scoring a cougar

Why you need to start hunting Cougars


It’s a magical feeling when the Cougars are out; the tables have turned and you’re the pretty young thing getting drinks pumped into you, courtesy of their disposable income or child support payments.


Why You Need to Start Hunting Cougars


Much like a cougar attack in the wild, you’ll won’t see this coming.

New York Mets

Every Cougar Wants David Wright


Well, the New York Mets probably won’t be walking away with the World Series crown this year, but all is not lost.

top 10 videos

10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Cougar


Ever consider going cougar hunting.

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