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I’m Dating A Cougar And She’s Killing Me In Bed, HELP!

Maybe it's time to start hitting the cardio a little harder.

This 31-Year-Old Guy from Georgia Has a 91-Year-Old Girlfriend, AND I DON’T UNDERSTAND THE WORLD ANYMORE

There are a lot of things in life I don't understand. This is one of those things.

VIDEO: Teenage Girl Goes HAM on Mother For Sleeping with Her Friend

Cougar hate.

The Top 8 Reasons MILFs and Cougars are Better Than Younger Girls, According to Ben Franklin

Fact: Ben Franklin was a Bro King. Not only did he found the gnarlest Ivy League school and call the greatest city in the country, Philadelphia, home, but

Some People Do Not Care for this Smoking Hot Mother of Three Flaunting Her Goods

Maria Kang is a freelance writer/fitness blogger and she is proud of that fact that she is not out of shape after having three kids.

Top 10 Vacation Resorts for Picking Up Cougars

Where was this list when I was single?

Why You Need to Start Hunting Cougars

Much like a cougar attack in the wild, you’ll won’t see this coming. Likely it won’t be quite as sudden as

Every Cougar Wants David Wright

Well, the New York Mets probably won’t be walking away with the World Series crown this year, but all is not lost. Older women really,

10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Cougar

Ever consider going cougar hunting? You should, it's a good time. Our gal across the pond, Emily Hartridge, lists 10 reasons you should give it

Why Bros Prefer Older Women In Bed

"It's a numbers game..."

Florida State Student Has a Confession

Hey Bros, we still need more Spring Break-related hook up stories. If you are wondering "where the hell is the submission I already sent in"

50 Hottest TV MILFs of All TIme

The BroBible staff put together a list of the hottest moms in TV history from "I Love Lucy" to "Modern Family" and every MILF in

Should a Bro Date a Chick with a Kid, Plus Would You Rather Give Up Getting Head or Eating Cheese?

Submit your Ask a Bro questions here. 

Seven New Pics of Helena Christensen In Lingerie, Proving She Looks Great at the Age of 43

Proof? Aw, heck: You don't need any proof. If you're over the age of 23, you probably remember sneaking a peak at a Victoria's

10 New Findings from Sex Studies Reveal Spike in Number of Positions, Partners

Sex study after exhausted sex study seems to be coming out these days. Universities are just pissing away grant money because, despite their findings, nothing