San Diego State

San Diego State’s Halloween Costume Baseball Game Looks Hilarious


The San Diego State baseball team held its third annual Halloween game on Sunday and the footage is downright delightful.

Trayvon Martin

Was Your Halloween Costume George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin? Theirs Was


Welp, at least you now know your costume wasn't the most offensive one possible.

Halloween costumes

6 Costumes That’ll Get You Laid on Halloween


When you were younger, people wouldn't give you Halloween candy unless you wore a costume.


Derrick Rose Dressed Up Like a Guy from ‘Duck Dynasty’


Duck Dynasty has gripped the very heart of America and won’t be letting go any time soon.

Gadgets for men

Drive Suits let you pretend you’re a Transformer


If you've ever gone back and watched the original Transformers cartoon, you've experienced the pain of discovering something you loved as a kid, well, er, really kinda sucked.


Bryce Harper Wore a Clown Costume, Bro


Well, we probably should have seen this coming.

josh sundquist

Paralympic Ski Racer and Cancer Survivor, Josh Sundquist Had a Great Halloween Costume


A few days ago, Sundquist tweeted "For Halloween, I dressed as a leg lamp.

sports costume

How to create the perfect sports costume


Every October, you see one too many Jokers, Scream masks and other tired facades like the "sexy devil.

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