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San Diego State’s Halloween Costume Baseball Game Looks Hilarious

The San Diego State baseball team held its third annual Halloween game on Sunday and the footage is downright delightful. Watching a bunch of dudes

Was Your Halloween Costume George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin? Theirs Was

Welp, at least you now know your costume wasn't the most offensive one possible. 

6 Costumes That’ll Get You Laid on Halloween

When you were younger, people wouldn't give you Halloween candy unless you wore a costume. Now that you're grown up, the ladies won't hook up

Derrick Rose Dressed Up Like a Guy from ‘Duck Dynasty’

Duck Dynasty has gripped the very heart of America and won’t be letting go any time soon. Its reach knows no bounds and, to co-opt

Bryce Harper Wore a Clown Costume, Bro

Well, we probably should have seen this coming.

Paralympic Ski Racer and Cancer Survivor, Josh Sundquist Had a Great Halloween Costume

A few days ago, Sundquist tweeted "For Halloween, I dressed as a leg lamp. I had to shave my leg, but I think it was

The Halloween Schedule For Every Bro

There are two Halloweens. There’s Wednesday, October 31st which is celebrated by children, nerds who are way into Halloween, pedofiles, wickens, and anybody who was

8 Types of Halloween Costumes and What They’ll Tell Chicks About the Dude Wearing Them

Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday of the year with the gracious amount of cleavage and beer that every party includes. People all over the

The Top Gun Twins Are Future Bros In the Making

Need proof that being a Brotastic is an inherited trait? Here you go. Some kick-ass parents dressed up their eight month twins as

15 Kinda Epic Costumes in Honor of Super Mario Bros.’ 25th Anniversary

Long before you mastered "Madden," "FIFA," and even "Golden Eye" or "NBA Jam," there's a pretty good chance you squandered many hours with a gray

‘Jersey Shore’ Costumes Now Available at Ricky’s; Plus, 5 More Terrible Options at the Megastore

Halloween has historically been a fantastic holiday for bros. Who doesn't love a holiday that is basically a free pass for chicks to be a

50 Hot Babes Dressed-Up Like the Easter Bunny

Easter is this Sunday, and since we paid homage to Passover with hot women earlier this week, we figured we should do the same

Laxtitutes, Alan from ‘The Hangover,’ and More of Your Best Halloween Costumes

 Keep sending in your Halloween photos! We'll accept photos of you and your friends in your costume(s) -- or of some hot chicks in theirs!