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Bro Sets Up Shop in a Bar, Doles Out Free Advice

Really no better place to be an advice doctor than a bar full of drunk people. What could possibly go wrong there? Probably nothing. And

Bro Walks Into a Bar, Writes Personalized Poetry for People

Some men are just born with the gift of writing poetry on the spot... Ryan Jones is one of those men. 

Corona Light’s New Game Day Commercial Is Hilariously Absurd

Corona's "Ditch the Herd" campaign is here to encourage you to quit being such a sheep and start living life like a freakin' man. Although

Corona Light’s New Commercial Campaign, Featuring a Rogue Sheep, Is Hilariously On Point

You're tired of doing the same old thing every night, aren't you?

Corona Light Launches One of the Most Absurd Commercial Series We’ve Ever Seen

Corona Light recently launched their "Ditch the Herd" ad campaign and what is more Bro than that? Bros don't conform. Bros don't follow a herd.

Corona Light Thinks You Need to Stop Being a Sheep

Ditch the herd, Bros. It's a simple, yet, perfect message we should all live by. However, we'd argue that you don't really need to ditch