You MUST Watch Albany Goalie Go Coast-To-Coast For Phenomenal Goal In NCAA Tournament Game Vs. Cornell


Blaze Riorden is the goalie for Albany, and despite his lightning fast name, he's a big-boned fella who is usually stuck between the pipes so he doesn't get to show off his fleet-footed offensive skills that often.

Ivy League

Cornell Staffer Sued After Creating Website Dedicated to Ex’s ‘Micro Penis’


Nothing like three bad dates to drive you to create a website and accuse your partner of being a "micro-penis"-holding "dirty old man," who "thinks he’s so irresistible but is ancient, smells foul, has herpes (watch for those sores on his lips ladies.


Cornell Just Accidentally Destroyed Over $200,000 of Horse Semen


It's a tale as old as higher education itself: An Ivy League school collects 212 units of semen collected from a Holsteiner horse.


Cornell Guys Create Site Ranking Sorority Girls, Uproar Naturally Follows


Cornell Fetch is a website that launched a week ago.


Cornell Student Running for Student Trustee Releases Ridiculous ‘N Sync Parody


Don Muir has two major things going for him in his run for student trustee: 1.


A Cam Girl Filmed an X-Rated Video in Cornell’s Library


The guys at Ivygate found an interesting post today on Cornell message board "Ezrahub" that appears to be a video filmed in Cornell's engineering library, Carpenter Hall.

New York Times

The New York Times Attempts to Write about the Death of College Bars, Fails So Badly


We've noticed with amusement that the New York Times has recently begun to report on collegiate "trends.

Michigan State

Cornell Band Mocks Michigan By Playing Michigan State Fight Song


The Cornell band took an opportunity to troll Michigan during last night’s NCAA hockey tournament by playing Michigan State’s fight song.

toga party

Read a Bunch of Old E-mails From a Cornell University Athletic Team RE: Their Upcoming Toga Party


Someone, perhaps with dubious intentions that we'll never know, forwarded Gawker some e-mail invites to a toga party hosted by an unnamed Cornell University athletic team.


Kentucky vs. Cornell Drinking Game


In what promises to be one if not the most interesting game of the Sweet 16, here some ways to make it more interesting for those of us whose brackets are in shambles.

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