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This Cop Is the Biggest Douchebag Cop Ever, Trips High School Kids Celebrating a Championship

What an insufferable douchelord.

‘Super Cop’ Has Closing Speed Like an NFL Free Safety, Nails Suspect From Behind

Faster than Darrell Green.

Here’s an Awesome Cop Dancing to ‘Wobble’ at Mardi Gras

How do you police in New Orleans during Mardi Gras? You wobble. This delightful video comes to us from a [...]

Bro Pranks a Bunch of Cops By Smoking a Bong In Public

Want a surefire way of getting the cops attention?

Feel Free to Fuck Police: Drivers Can Flash Lights to Warn of Speed Traps

You know how whenever you pass a speed trap without getting pulled over and instantly breathe a sigh of relief? [...]

The Official COPS Drinking Game

The TV show Cops is on more frequently, and on more networks, than any other show. And when you factor in the over 850 episodes to

Bro Pranks NYPD Cops by Asking Them What He Should Do with a Dime Bag

Bro... That's criminal possesion. Or is it? 

WTF?!? Cop Shoots at Minivan Full of Kids When Their Mother Tries to Run From a Ticket

A routine traffic stop for speeding in New Mexico quickly turned into windows shattered, a taser pulled, shots fired at a minivan with kids in it and whatever

This Meth Head Was EXTREMELY Upset a Cop Shot Him

"You shot me! I'm gonna bleed to death!"

Virginia Police Tased A Guy for 42 Seconds Straight Saturday Night

Seems excessive. I mean, just a tad. 

Remember That Douchebag Philly Cop? Here He Is Knocking Over Some Kid’s Basketball Hoop

Remember our post the other day about the Philadelphia cop who super agressively stopped and frisked two dudes in North Philly? Another video of officer Phillip Nace of

Watch: Philly Cops Harass and Detain Two Men for Saying ‘Hi’ to a Stranger

Pretty infuriating video from the rough streets of North Philadelphia. After saying hello to a passing stranger on the street, two black men were stopped

Marquette Lacrosse Bro Allegedly Dropped Acid and Punched a Cop After a Zedd Show

Charley E. Gargano is a Marquette University lacrosse player. He was also just charged with allegedly assaulting an officer after dropping four hits of acid

I Think This Is the Most Bro Cop Of All Time…

Wooah. You have to watch this. LA County traffic cop Deputy Elton Simmons is such a Bro, it's not even funny. 

7 Ways to (Maybe) Avoid Getting a Ticket, From an Actual Cop

I have been a cop for over a decade and during my career I have made thousands of traffic stops and written hundreds of tickets.

Woman Punches Reporter in the Face, Is Promptly Maced By a Cop

Reporters were attempting to report on a police officer’s shooting when Florida happened.

AUDIO: Bro Calls 911 to Complain About the About the Quality of His Prostitute

It takes a real Bro -- er, LAD -- to pull this move off. A lad over in England called up a prositute advertising her

In Which Cops Taze a High School Kid in the Face

In the face. IN THE FACE! 

What We Say to Cops, and What We Really Mean

To throw a killer rager, you’ve got to know how to handle the fuzz. What we say doesn’t actually match what we mean.

If You’re on South Padre Island, You’re Going to Get Arrested

South Padre Island—either the baddest or the trashiest Spring Break destination, depending on your level of sobriety—is currently playing host to the Largest Beach

Pittsburgh Police Officer Tasers a Guy Partying on St. Paddy’s Day for No Reason

Are cops supposed to pull out their tasers to intimidate people when there is no direct threat on safety? Seems like this cop has anger

University of Kentucky Student Records a Heated Confrontation with the Police In His Dorm Room

I was thrown off by the Virginia Tech hoodie too, but Reddit tells us this incident occurred at the University of Kentucky in Lexington

Israeli Cop Brings Down Pitch Invader With Perfect Slide Tackle

Something like this would never happen in American sports. An asshat on the field would be corralled with nothing but upper-body force. In soccer-loving countries,

Start Your Day With This Video of a Cop Fighting a Clown

This is not something that took place at a professional wrestling match. This is something that took place on a street corner in Milwaukee. Both

Drunk Guy Slaps Cop at Philadelphia Oktoberfest, Promptly Gets the Piss Beat Out of Him

That riot baton came out of nowhere! It's a beauty too, looks like a Monadnock FrictionLock Expandable 24-incher. Perfect for extracting the shit out of

Police Warn People to ‘Enter Detroit At Their Own Risk,’ Say They Can’t Guarantee Protection

Detroit police did a hell of a job yesterday scaring the living sh*t out of people who just wanted to enjoy a playoff baseball game.

Cop Gets Sprayed With Water, Delivers Devastating Sucker Punch to Woman’s Face

An incident at Philadelphia’s Puerto Rican Day Parade over the weekend is blowing up the Internet this morning – and for good reason.

Federal Convict Escapes Sure Arrest With AMAZING Smooth Talk

Richard Lee McNair, fresh out of prison, was stopped by a police officer searching for a convict who had escaped from jail. McNair, despite obviously

Douchebag Runs Over Cop’s Foot With His Ferrari, Cop Rips Him Out of the Car

In what galaxy is it alright to run over a cop's foot while he's writing you a ticket? Just astounding that someone actually harbors enough

Cop Outsmarts Motorcyclist, Ends 125MPH, 1 Hours Chase

I know its their job to assume risk in defense of the law and all that good sh*t, but this cop has some serious guts. 

Former State Trooper Is the Spokesman for a Product Designed to Beat Breathalyzer Tests

To be clear, the Breathalyzer Equalizer claims to take away the error in breathalyzer tests -- known as residual mouth alcohol -- and that it's

Smart Move: Man Allegedly Impersonating A Police Officer Pulls Over A Police Officer

Anthony Mastrogiovanni, in addition to having the ideal name for a sub-par pasta franchise, is facing criminal charges after allegedly pulling over an off-duty police

YouTube Video Titled ‘In Russia, Police Obeys You’ is Aptly Titled

Not so long ago, we brought you the video of a wannabe Captain America chasing down a policeman and berating him for speeding.

Guy in Darth Vader Suit Argues With New York City Cop Over Parking Ticket

When video surfaced of Batman getting pulled over by police for speeding, we all laughed and wondered what kind of guy is into that kind

Florida Doctor Goes Insane, Spits Blood at Cops During Wild Arrest

When Florida police pulled over 41-year-old doctor Zachary Bird for suspicion of driving under the influence, they probably had no idea things would

Watch a Guy Pull Over a Cop For Speeding

A little old, but this is the most entertaining 8-minute video you'll watch today. This civilian wasn't all that happy when a Virginia

Idiot Tries to Eat Entire Bag of Weed During Traffic Stop, Cop Lets Him Go With a Slap on the Wrist

During a routine traffic stop this guy tried to scarf down all the weed in his car, plastic bag and all. To his

Kent State’s Annual ‘College Fest’ Ends In Riots and Tear Gas

Come on, Kent State. If there's ANY college in the world that should know better than to piss off police officers, it's you

Girl Runs Away from the Cops While Screaming Tyga’s ‘Rack City’

Greatest campus police blotter item ever? Quite possibly. Hard to believe this is even real. If it is, totally worth it, Alyssa

Perhaps the Greatest COPS Outtake Ever Features a Crackhead Demanding a Refund and a Prostitute

Remember last week when I wrote a blog about how great the COPS YouTube Channel is? Here's another gem from the