Veteran Gets Pulled Over By A SWAT Team Tank After Flipping It Off, Cops Accuse Him Of Getting Road Head

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video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player This is a tremendously amusing story out of Gainesville, Florida.


Girl Tries To Troll A Patient Cop During A Traffic Stop And Now My Brain Hurts

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There is no doubt that there are some very serious national conversations going on about police abuse of power.

instant karma

Rowdy Youths Vandalize Random Cars, Instant Karma Shows Up When They Choose The Wrong Car To Mess With

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Whoever believes there's no justice in the world surely hasn't seen this video yet.


NYC Police Officer Loses His Goddamn Mind On An Uber Driver, Asks Him How Long He’s Been In This Country

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Warning: This is what could happen when you decide to test the patience of an NYC police officer who's on a massive fucking power trip.

party at the precinct

Naked Woman Dancing With Cop At Police Station Sparks Investigation Into ‘Orgies’


Apparently the police in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay are living the life.


Florida Sheriff’s Panties Ruffled After Discovering His Rug Says ‘In Dog We Trust’


It's too early to know for certain that this was all a grand scheme from the liberal, hippie, apetits agenda in order to strike God out of all places of Capitalistic worship, but what we do know is that one sheriff in Florida was pissed to find out his $500 rug paid homage to our canine lord and savior.


11 Times Chicks’ Boobs Got Cops In Deep Shit


Blessed be the titty for it is by her flesh that we are nourished.

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