Summer Brew Cooler Scooter

This is what two immature bro bloggers look like racing Cooler Scooters down a street


Yesterday myself and BroBible editor David Covucci squared off in a battle royale: we raced our badass Coors Light Summer Brew Cooler Scooters through the alley behind our office.

Summer Shandy

Coors Light gets in the summer shandy game


You rarely see macro brands getting into the season beer game, but coldest beer in Colorado is making a splash with Coors Light Summer Brew.

what is the nascar chase

Miss Coors Light explains her awesome NASCAR job and just what the hell ‘The Chase’ is


NASCAR is the only sport with more vocal haters than soccer, but they would likely sing another tune if they had lunch with Miss Coors Light, Rachel Rupert.


Coors Light Ireland has embarrassing racial faux pas on Twitter


Coors Light Ireland's Twitter account just wanted to make people laugh.

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert mocks Budweiser and Coors Light


Stephen Colbert is not sold on all of the new packaging innovation in the beer industry, and he recently took shots at Budweiser's new "Buddy Cup" as well as Coors Light's cold-activated technology.

sly fox new can

Coors Light claims to have the world’s most refreshing can


Coors Light has always focused on their packaging, often times being first to the latest gimmick.

Zach Crist

Coors Light debuts new cold activated skis and snowboard


Coors Light teamed up with K2 to develop the first cold activated skis and snowboards.

summer pictures

Coors Light wants to pay you for pictures


I thought I was done posting Coors Light commercials after the Ice Cube debacle, but this one is worth watching.

Tiny Zeus Lister Jr.

Craig and Deebo are fighting Coors Light together


Last time we saw Craig and Deebo together they were fighting each other on the front lawn late one Friday night.

Ice Cube sees Coors Light rocket

Coors Light is making Ice Cube look like an idiot


We've seen Ice Cube in Coors Light commercials for awhile.

New Coors Light bottle

The new Coors Light aluminum pint could be useful


The Coors Light aluminum pint has just hit the market.

top 10

The 10 Best Coors Light Coach Parodies In Honor Of Mike Ditka’s Birthday


Today is the 71st birthday of hall of fame tight-end and legendary football coach, Mike Ditka.

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