Canadian Sets World Record For Farthest Ride On Hoverboard And It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before We’re All Hovering Around


There's a new Guinness World Record in hover boarding -- though I had no idea a world record in hoverboarding actually existed -- and it's 900 feet set by Catalin Alexandru Duru.


Cornell Professor Wants Everyone To Know That White People Aren’t As Cool As Black People

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Every so often a story comes along that makes you shake your head in disbelief, today that story is a Cornell University professor claiming that white people are inherently not cool, and black people are inherently cool.


Volvo Just Made Going Out At Night Safer For The Entire World


I don't fear riding a bike at night, I fear morons on the road.


Tanks Are Cool And All But A Tank Sliced In Half Is Flippin’ Awesome


Ever wonder what's going on inside some of the coolest military vehicles in the American arsenal.


5 Ways Pirates Were Way More Modern Than You Realize


Pirates were surprisingly ahead of their era.


17 Things Athletes Do Solely to Look Cool


We all wish we could be professional athletes.


Here’s A Mini-Documentary About The Party Scene at New York University


So far, three schools have received the "I'm Shmacked" treatment: Temple, Syracuse, and West Virginia.

mountain biking

This Is What Freestyle Mountain Biking In Slow Motion Looks Like


The folks at Red Bull dropped this rather hypnotic video of their slopestyle team at 1,000 frames per second on a stop at Leogang, Austria.


This Is What Dubstep Beatboxing Looks/Sounds Like


This is a little old, but it just fell on our radar last night when it starting pinging around the Internet.

tony reali

Here’s ‘Around The Horn’s’ Awesome ‘Goodfellas’ Tribute


"Around The Horn" is celebrating its ninth anniversary today, so Tony Reali took cameras behind the scenes to pay tribute to all the folks who work on the show.

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