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5 Ways Pirates Were Way More Modern Than You Realize

Pirates were surprisingly ahead of their era... 

Dom Mazzetti Breaks Down Memorial Day Weekend

Our dear friend Dom is back. This time his preachings take him from the Rapture (I want that word banned at least until the Oct

17 Things Athletes Do Solely to Look Cool

We all wish we could be professional athletes. They make millions, have millions of adoring fans and, let's face it, they look pretty cool.

Here’s A Mini-Documentary About The Party Scene at New York University

So far, three schools have received the "I'm Shmacked" treatment: Temple, Syracuse, and West Virginia. Yesterday a fourth mini-doc*mentary dropped, this time about

Finally, ‘Space Jam’ Gets Mashed Up with the ‘Immortals’ Trailer

'Immortals' hits theaters this weekend. The Greek mythology blockbuster is about King Hyperion's ruthless quest across Greece for the Bow of Epirus, a

This Is What Freestyle Mountain Biking In Slow Motion Looks Like

The folks at Red Bull dropped this rather hypnotic video of their slopestyle team at 1,000 frames per second on a stop at

This Is What Dubstep Beatboxing Looks/Sounds Like

This is a little old, but it just fell on our radar last night when it starting pinging around the Internet. This street

Bored? Watch This Collection of 2011 Extreme Sport WINS

Go big or go home, I say.

Here’s ‘Around The Horn’s’ Awesome ‘Goodfellas’ Tribute

"Around The Horn" is celebrating its ninth anniversary today, so Tony Reali took cameras behind the scenes to pay tribute to all the

Watch a Canadian Sportscaster Win a $2 Million Lottery Live on the Air

Meet Barry Deley, a Canadian TV sportscaster who found out that he just won a $2 million lottery from his own colleagues live

Easily the Fratiest Tailgate Party Video From Last Saturday’s Georgia vs. Florida Football Classic

This is one of the better tailgate videos we've seen this college football season. Nice camera work. Just don't see a sea of

Wheelchair-Bound High School Student Scores Touchdown in His Final Game

Although confined to a wheelchair by muscular dystrophy, Ohio high school student Trent Glaze remains a die hard football fan. As a sophomore, he joined

The Top Gun Twins Are Future Bros In the Making

Need proof that being a Brotastic is an inherited trait? Here you go. Some kick-ass parents dressed up their eight month twins as

Another Pilot Lands Plane that has No Landing Gear Like a Boss

Who needs frickin landing gear? Not this pilot. He lands his plane without any wheels so perfectly that it seemed like the plane

From the Crypt: A Written Guide on ‘Using the Internet’ in 1996

The only things I remember about 1996 is that the Bulls were f*cking awesome, AOL was all the rage, and my girlfriend loved giving  blow

Chemistry Teacher Carves A Jack-O-Latern LIKE A BOSS Using Explosions and Science

Look: There's only like an hour left until Halloween is over, but this video -- though dating back to 2009 -- hasn't really

It’s Halloween, So Check Out This Ridiculously Awesome 1818-Pound Zombie Pumpkin Carving

A sculpter named Ray Villafan recently took his carving skills to the Bronx to making this insanely awesome pumpkin carving for the The

This Guy Used Two iPads and FaceTime to Create a Kick-Ass Halloween Costume

Need a kick-ass last minute Halloween costume? Have two iPad 2s with Facetime handy? Wifi? Boom. You're in business, you lazy procrastinator. Sure,

Now THIS Is How You Carve A Freakin’ Pumpkin

Like a complete boss, here's a guy carving a pumpkin with a Arsenal SGL 21 (7.62X39). Happy Halloween, folks.

Check Out Patrick Swayze’s Pabst Blue Ribbon Commercial From 1979

Some people think PBR is hipster swill. Others think it's one of the great American-owned breweries and support it with unfaltering allegience as

From the Crypt: NBA Jam’s Pitch to the NBA from 1992

Watch in wonderment as the developers of NBA Jam wow the pants off the NBA's executives with their smash-hit past successes and extreme

Here’s a Nine-Year-Old Kid Dressed Up as Deadmau5 for His School’s Halloween Dance

Writes Redditor n8r0n: "My 9 year old son wanted to be Deadmau5 for his school halloween dance. This was the result/reaction..." Pretty Brotastic

Let’s Watch the FPS Russia Guy Shoot A Dragon 50cal With Explosive Ammo

Just going to throw this out there: FPSKyle/FPSRussia is probably the biggest boss on YouTube right now. Like, the guy makes easily six

Now This Is How You Land A Plane With No Front Landing Gear

Flawless execution displayed by the pilot. But what's more impressive than anything is that he pulled it off without any assistance from a

And Yet Another Amazing Dubstep Robot Dance Video

In case you haven't gotten the memo yet (here and here), YouTube's WHZGUD is on a mission to prove he has a the

Nike Releases New Carmelo Anthony Kicks with 3-D Hologram on the Hudson River

Yesterday we gave you a Nike commercial that showcased some of the NBA's greatest super stars playing against average Joes and girls, playing

Base Jumping Off A 1,300-Foot Antenna in Africa Looks INSANE

Universal truth: As long as mankind continues to engineer and build extremely tall structures, a certain, marginally insane faction of the human species

Bored? Watch The ‘People Are Awesome 2’ Compilation

There was a whole lot of awesome going on in 2010. Here's a full-of-WIN follow-up to all that badassary for 2011.

Watch Carmelo Anthony Suit Up in the Jewish Under 40 League

Nike will unveil a new commercial tonight during Monday Night Football featuring a bunch of NBA players balling in local community leagues. It

The Show Reel for GoPro’s New HD HERO2 Is Freakin’ Off the Charts EPIC

It figures that a company like GoPro would literally eat its own catchphrase by going big or going home when rolling out a

Another Amazing Dubstep Robot Dance Video

Everyone seemed to enjoy Marquese “NONSTOP” Scott's robot dance to Foster The People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks,' so here's his latest moves. Check him

Watch A Cornhole Trick Shot Video That Someone Sent Us

Here's a gnarly cornhole trick shot video that someone sent to us. It's really, really long, clocking in at over 10 minutes. But

Video of a Kayaker’s Journey With a Giant Blue Whale

Ocean kayaking is an enpowering experience that will give you a sense of independence. You're in this massive body of water on this

How Badly Do You Want to Do This Human Slingshot?

Via Hot Clicks comes this fantastic video of a human slingshot at work. This looks incredibly fun.

Here’s A Bermuda Cliff Jumping Video Someone Sent Us

This is a video someone passed along our way of a cliff jumping trip to Bermuda. It's pretty much just five minutes of

Here’s A Mini-Documentary About The Party Scene at West Virginia University

Back in September, we showed you two videos from a 12-part doc*mentary series about college parties called "I'm Shmacked."  The project aims to

Personal Trainer Spends 6 Months Letting His Body Go to Complete Sh*t Just So He Can Get Fit Again

If personal trainer Drew Manning has a sound plan of attack for after this experiment, then gaining over 70 lbs. in 6 months is not

Watch moe. Perform ‘Crab Eyes’ Using Only iPads

If you're into jambands and you grew up in the Northeast, you're probably quite familiar with the band moe. Maybe you've even had

Watch Michael Winslow—‘The Man of 10,000 Sound Effects’—Perform An Amazing Led Zeppelin Cover

Perhaps you've heard of Michael Winslow. He's the comedian known as "The Man of 10000 Sound Effects." You've probably seen the YouTube video

This Penguin is a Total Boss, Also a Total Thief

Penguins: They're just like us! They steal sh*t from each other when one's not looking. Seriously, this video — from a BBC series