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This ‘Unicycle Freestyle’ Video Will Make You Hate That You’re Indoors

REALLY cool stuff here from "DevinSuperTramp," who's quickly becoming one of our favorite extreme sports Bros. In stunning visual quality, the sequence captures ridiculous after

Kids with Water Guns Pretend They’re the Bellagio Fountain

Here's a video from a pool care company that will make you miss the super-soaker-packing days of summer. It must have taken some

The Wildest, Most Insane Mountain Slip’N Slide Stunt You’ll See Today

You know what happens when you engineer and construct a Slip'N Slide ramp down the steep face of a ski slope? AWESOME. That's

Watch This Bro-Dog Fetch Its Owner a Beer

This is a video of a dog by the name of Murdoch retrieving a beer from fridge for his owner on command. #Mydogisabro? Damn straight.

This 360 Helicopter Backfist KO Combo Is One of the Most Ridiculous Knock-Outs We’ve Ever Seen

Once upon a time I pulled something like this off in Mortal Combat by pressing a bunch of random buttons. But this? A spinning backfist

Every Chicago Sunrise for a Month

Chicago-based filmmaker Craig Shimala captured every sunrise in the city of Chicago during the month of June. He each sunrise together into one high-res

Driver Hits 150 M.P.H., Barely Keeps Control, in Subaru Isle of Man TT

It's one thing to do 150 m.p.h. on a race track under controlled conditions, but driving those speeds on the narrow winding streets of a

VIDEO: People Doing Random Things In Slow Motion

This video -- of people punching each other in the face with gloves and smoked sausage --

Video: Four Guys In a Skydiving Simulator Balling Uncontrollably

Sorry about that retarded headline but it's early and I have no idea how else to describe

Epic Meal Time Tackles Masta Pasta

In this latest Epic Meal Time episode the boys make bacony, Jack Daniels, pasta concoctions while they

VIDEO: Two Rally Cars Crash Just Minutes Apart

Where I come from, if a car flips through the air and crashes, people usually run to

Video: This is Why You Don’t Rollerblade Down a Slide

How epic could this have turned out if maestro here didn't fly off and bash his mouth

Video: Drunk Man Falls Down the Stairs and Uses His Face to Break His Fall (Twice)

According to The Sun, this superstar was thrown out of the theatre awards in London

Video: Tim Thomas Lays Big Hit on Henrik Sedin

With the Bruins up 4-0 and the game already in the books, things began to get a little

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Creates a Anti-Texting PSA From a Customer’s Voicemail

The Alamo Drafthouse cinema recently threw a moviegoer out of their theater for texting during a movie.

Did Shaq Just Become the Best Retired Athlete?

Guy has been retired for 24 hours and yet he is dropping videos on Twitter like he

Video: The 100 Greatest Movie Threats of All Time

From the same guy who brought the world Nicolas Cage: Losing his Sh*t, comes this

Dan Patrick Felt Abused at ESPN and Was Scared To Leave

If you're ever looking for someone to intimidate/bully/shine your shoes/let you bang the decency out of his

Video: Break Dancing Against All Odds

Let's face it, break dancing with a full set of limbs lost its luster in the 1980s.

Harlem Globetrotter Impersonates Shaq, Kobe, MJ, and Lebron

This is like basketball's version of that guy who became sort of famous for swinging the wiffle

Video: Prisoner Leaps Over Desk and Attacks Police Officer

Who ya got? The agile, eager-to-be-free, young piece of excrement or, the old police offers who is fat,

Video: Man Terrorizes U.K. Cops With Machete

I am ashamed and embarrassed for these UK police officers. It took what looked to be an

VIDEO: Soccer Would Be Popular in the U.S. if Face Kicks Happened More

The guy getting falcon-kicked in the face is Mehdi Carcela -- or at least that is what

Hines Ward Puts His Dancing Partner In a Neck Brace

Steelers wide-out, Hines Ward, pulled some accidental WWE-type shit on his "Dancing with the Star" partner Kym

VIDEO: Epic Meal Time’s Candy BBQ

In this episode, Epic Meal Time abandons meat to create candy burgers, hot dogs, and fries. They

In Wake of Mother’s Death, High School Baseball Star Throws No-Hitter and Hits 4 HR in Same Day

I mean, what an amazing story. Just days after his mother's passing, Jaydin Goldenstein's (#21)

Video: Soldier Does the Carlton Dance on Top of a Tank While Rockets Launch Behind Him

Aside from "always," there are usually two legit reasons to do the Carlton dance: You just found

Video: Cuban Man Makes The World’s Largest Cigar

When I first saw this picture of the world's longest cigar, my initial thought process went as

Epic Meal Time and Deadmau5 Tackle Grilled Cheese

It's hard to make a simple grilled cheese more epic than it already is: bread, cheese, a

Is This Video of Another Man Getting Struck by Lightning Real?

Guy Struck by Lightning Guy Struck by Lightning

Another day, another video of a guy getting

Video: Russian Man Flips Car While Going 70 mph

A lot has to go wrong to flip a car under the supervision of a professional driving

VIDEO: Two Kayakers Try to Set World Record By Plunging Over a 82 Foot–Tall Waterfall

Two kayakers, Sam Freihofer and Todd Wells, recently set out to break the world record for waterfall descent

Video: Camera Catches Guy Getting Struck by Lightning…Twice

Getting struck by lightning has got to blow. Getting struck by lightning twice in the span of

Video: Forget Hands, This Time It’s Double Dream Feet

I'm without politically correct words right now. The Double Dream Hands guy now has a Sprint commercial

Video: Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Message to Twitter

When I envision Stone Cold Steve Austin I usually think of (among a few other things) his

Michael Irvin Gives a Motivational Speech to the Miami Hurricanes

My alma mater used to be a football powerhouse, an NFL breeding ground. We had years where

Video: Gatling Gun Slingshot

This guy is obsessed with primitive weaponry. First he created the machete slingshot, which was a

The ‘Art of Extreme Sports’ Video Compilation is a Must-Watch for Adrenaline Junkies

If you love skiing, snowboarding, BASE jumping, mountain biking, wingsuit flying, or any radical recreational activity that generally

Video: U.S. Military In Afghanistan Lip Syncing Britney Spears’s ‘Hold it Against Me”

It's good to see that our men and women overseas can let loose from time to time.

Video: Brian Wilson & Cody Ross Perform ‘Dynamite’ with Keenan Cahill

God dammit, I can't stand this f*cking kid but Keenan Cahill has just forced my hand into