gopro videos

This GoPro Video Of A Lioness Hunting A Buck Is INCREDIBLE


Zoologists Kevin Richardson -- known as "The Lion Whisperer" -- has bar none one of the coolest jobs on the planet.

the great outdoors

This ‘Unicycle Freestyle’ Video Will Make You Hate That You’re Indoors


REALLY cool stuff here from "DevinSuperTramp," who's quickly becoming one of our favorite extreme sports Bros.

water guns

Kids with Water Guns Pretend They’re the Bellagio Fountain


Here's a video from a pool care company that will make you miss the super-soaker-packing days of summer.

slip'n slide

The Wildest, Most Insane Mountain Slip’N Slide Stunt You’ll See Today


You know what happens when you engineer and construct a Slip'N Slide ramp down the steep face of a ski slope.

my dog is a bro

Watch This Bro-Dog Fetch Its Owner a Beer


This is a video of a dog by the name of Murdoch retrieving a beer from fridge for his owner on command.

mma ko

This 360 Helicopter Backfist KO Combo Is One of the Most Ridiculous Knock-Outs We’ve Ever Seen


Once upon a time I pulled something like this off in Mortal Combat by pressing a bunch of random buttons.

cool video

Every Chicago Sunrise for a Month


Chicago-based filmmaker Craig Shimala captured every sunrise in the city of Chicago during the month of June.

slow motion

VIDEO: People Doing Random Things In Slow Motion


This video -- of people punching each other in the face with gloves and smoked sausage -- sort of reminded me of the opening scene in "Jackass 3D.


Video: Four Guys In a Skydiving Simulator Balling Uncontrollably


Sorry about that retarded headline but it's early and I have no idea how else to describe this 4-man, synchronized escapade that takes place inside a skydiving simulator.


Epic Meal Time Tackles Masta Pasta


In this latest Epic Meal Time episode the boys make bacony, Jack Daniels, pasta concoctions while they pour Incredible Hulks down their throats.

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