fraternity house

MIT Engineering Bro Shows Us How to Build an Awesome DIY Bar for Your Fraternity


Back in September an incredible dunk-proof beer pong table for MIT's Phi Beta Epsilon.

Make A Wish

San Francisco Taken Over by Make-a-Wish Recipient Dressed as ‘Bat Kid,’ and It’s Awesome


A 5-year-old cancer patient by the name of Miles got to be Batman today.

the great outdoors

Photographer Camps Out in 32 States, Creates Amazing Time Lapse Video


Over the course of two months, Shane Black and two friends left their "comfortable" jobs and and spent six months traveling the country in an old Dodge Caravan with no cruise control.


The 130 MPH Lawnmower Will Probably Kill You


I'm just going to go ahead and throw this out there.

total frat move

Get Your ‘MURICAN Hats Before Your Memorial Day Rager!


Every patriotic, 'merican loving fratdaddy needs a dope lid to rage in this Memorial Day weekend.

utility ring

The Titanium Utility Ring, because you can’t have too many tools


Rings, on a man, tend to be questionable fashion choices unless it's a wedding ring.

Panasonic Power Lo

Panasonic Power Loader might finally give us exoskeletons to play with


Nobody wants to get old, but if you follow gadget news at all, you are often forced to admit that, once you arrive at old age, you're going to have all sorts of awesome s#.

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