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Arnold Schwarzenegger Has a New Show Where He Runs over Stuff in a Tank

That's it. That's the whole premise.

MIT Engineering Bro Shows Us How to Build an Awesome DIY Bar for Your Fraternity

Back in September an incredible dunk-proof beer pong table for MIT's Phi Beta Epsilon. The project was designed by a mechanical engineer Bro who's making a name for himself

There’s a Place In Murray Hill Where You Can Play Pinball After Hitting the Bars

Scene: Murray Hill, Friday night, 1am. You've already drowned about four Natty Light pounders at Bro Js before heading to the Joshua Tree to hit

San Francisco Taken Over by Make-a-Wish Recipient Dressed as ‘Bat Kid,’ and It’s Awesome

A 5-year-old cancer patient by the name of Miles got to be Batman today. And more or less all of San Francisco helped out.

Photographer Camps Out in 32 States, Creates Amazing Time Lapse Video

Over the course of two months, Shane Black and two friends left their "comfortable" jobs and and spent six months traveling the country in an

The 130 MPH Lawnmower Will Probably Kill You

I'm just going to go ahead and throw this out there... Drifting in a lawnmower really needs to happen more often. 

The Crazy Cart Go-Kart Is Like ‘Mario Kart 64’ In Real-Life

If I was, like, 11, I'd want this so bad. Razor made a go-kart that can drift. It's basically Mario Kart 64 in real-life, minus the red

Get Your ‘MURICAN Hats Before Your Memorial Day Rager!

Every patriotic, 'merican loving fratdaddy needs a dope lid to rage in this Memorial Day weekend... 

Here’s 50 Legendary Guitar Riffs From The Early 90’s

Depending on your age, you may be like me and pretend that you were old enough to remember how awful it was when Biggie and

Leeroy Jenkins Returns, This Time As A Short Film

Viral video vets (say that five times fast) likely remember the notorious Leeroy Jenkins, the man who turned a botched World of Warcraft raid --

We Really, Really, Really Want ‘The Water Soaked Knee Hockey Rink’

Sure, Slip 'N Slides are awesome, but I can't even begin to fathom the high times and wild, drunken hilarity that could go down on

British Scientist Invents the Levytator, an Escalator That Can Follow Curves

Oh look, it's a Levytator, the world's first escalator capable of following freeform curves. How f*cking cool is that? According to its creator, Jack Levy,