dance like no one s watching

A Bunch Of Hot Girls Want To Dance With This Man After He Was Body-Shamed On 4Chan

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"Dance like no one's watching" may be a cliche, but it's a really damn good cliche.

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This Man Claims Bigfoot Threw a Rock at Him


Bigfoot really screwed up this poor man's camping trip.

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13 Really Dumb Things That Got Bros Arrested


Everyone knows a Bro with a pretty good "the time I got arrested" story.


‘The Day I Partied with Joey Chestnut’


Editor's Note: A reader passed along this excellent story about partying with famed competitive eater Joey Chestnut during a visit to his college campus.

Tony Hawk

The Time the UCLA Ski Team Bonged Beers with Tony Hawk…


This morning we received a cool story from a member of the UCLA Ski Team.


Stoner-ish Brothers Save Family From Burning Home


Ever since they started smoking weed, all they ever did was save families from burning buildings.

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