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This Man Claims Bigfoot Threw a Rock at Him

Bigfoot really screwed up this poor man's camping trip.

13 Really Dumb Things That Got Bros Arrested

Everyone knows a Bro with a pretty good "the time I got arrested" story.

Bros Randomly Party with Coolio, He Comes Back to Their House to Perform ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’

Best night out ever? As British Redditor lorcantc tells it, "Coolio came to my house last night, cooked us dinner, and we jammed to Gangsta's Paradise.

‘The Day I Partied with Joey Chestnut’

Editor's Note: A reader passed along this excellent story about partying with famed competitive eater Joey Chestnut during a visit to

The Time the UCLA Ski Team Bonged Beers with Tony Hawk…

This morning we received a cool story from a member of the UCLA Ski Team. On a recent trip to California's Mammoth Mountain, a few team

Stoner-ish Brothers Save Family From Burning Home

Ever since they started smoking weed, all they ever did was save families from burning buildings.