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James Franco Wrote the Ultimate ‘Cool Story, Bro’ About Not Having Sex with Lindsay Lohan

The forever-weird James Franco just wrote the ultimate "Cool story, Bro" story ever. Tell it again, James.

11 Bros Recall the First Time They Got Drunk and/or High

"I remember my first beer..."

Watch a Drunk Santacon Bro Smash a Bud Light Can Into Shreds Using His Forehead

As much as I hate Santacon jackasses for taking over my neighborhood, this video is masterful. Perched on top of a snowy building somewhere below

Professional Wrestler Admits He Popped Out a Dude’s Eyeball Once

In a bar brawl, too. This one got so crazy, he actually POPPED A GUY'S EYEBALL OUT OF THE SOCKET. Note to self: Do not mess

Two Bros Dressed as Mario and Lugi Fight at Keene State College’s Pumpkinfest

New Hampshire's Keene State College Pumpkinfest is a new one for us. Looks like it's a hell of a time. These two Bros dressed as

Guess What Happens When Two Drunk Australians Play with a Taser?

I'll tell you what happens: Hilarity ensues. 

Finally, an Epic Hook-Up Story That Starts at a TGI Fridays

Finally, a hook-up story with #yoloswag through the roof. 

Bros Randomly Party with Coolio, He Comes Back to Their House to Perform ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’

Best night out ever? As British Redditor lorcantc tells it, "Coolio came to my house last night, cooked us dinner, and we jammed to Gangsta's Paradise.

Clinton Sparks Tells a Pretty Awesome Story About Hangin’ with Big Sean

If not for Big Sean, no one would have heard “Ambiguous.”

Olivia Wilde Took Fiancee Jason Sudeikis to a Strip Club, Instantly Becomes Greatest Catch Ever

Can't make this stuff up, Bros. 

Billy Joel Invites Freshman Vandy Bro On-Stage to Perform ‘New York State of Mind’

Flawlessly, too. Vandy freshman Michael Pollack hails from Roslyn, New York, so he obviously knows his fair share about Strong Island's native son, Billy Joel.

The Time the UCLA Ski Team Bonged Beers with Tony Hawk…

This morning we received a cool story from a member of the UCLA Ski Team. On a recent trip to California's Mammoth Mountain, a few team

You Wish You Were Cool Enough to Meet Rachel McAdams In a Bar, Bro

This kick-ass story popped up on Reddit yesterday via Redditor CMiller84: "So I'm sitting in a bar...and this chick asks me if I've ever seen 'The

The Heartwarming Story of Captain BroMerica

Real? Who knows. Interesting read though. Via: