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Two Bros Steal A Golf Cart From PGA Tour Event, Drive It Five Miles To A Bar In Charlotte


"Do it for the story" is our motto here at BroBible, so this a wonderful tale of two Bros who pulled a classic drunken move at a golf tournament.

cool story bro

A Group Of Mountain Climbers Found Bails And Bails Of Marijuana After A Plane Crashed In Yosemite National Park


It's 4/20, which means a story as fantastic as this one deserves to be on your radar.

bachelor parties

Group Of Philly Bros Accidentally Invite Stranger To A Bachelor Party, Dude Plans On Flying From Seattle To Attend Anyway

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The second best thing about bachelor parties -- besides the drunken shenanigans at the bachelor party itself -- is how off-the-rails group e-mail invites can get.

dance like no one s watching

A Bunch Of Hot Girls Want To Dance With This Man After He Was Body-Shamed On 4Chan

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"Dance like no one's watching" may be a cliche, but it's a really damn good cliche.

World War II

This Is the Most Badass World War II Story You’ve Never Heard


Unless you're a massive WWII history buff, there's a good chance you've never heard of Operation Mincemeat.


You’ll Never Believe the Crazy Sh*t a Butler at the Playboy Mansion Saw In the ‘80s


Anyone who's ever watched Entourage probably recalls the episode where the boys go to a pajama party at the Playboy Mansion.


Fan Drives Dave Matthews to His Own Concert


Probably the coolest story you'll hear today.


‘The Day I Partied with Joey Chestnut’


Editor's Note: A reader passed along this excellent story about partying with famed competitive eater Joey Chestnut during a visit to his college campus.

cool story bro

You Wish You Were Cool Enough to Meet Rachel McAdams In a Bar, Bro


This kick-ass story popped up on Reddit yesterday via Redditor CMiller84: "So I'm sitting in a bar.

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