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If Your Girlfriend Needs Cheering Up Tonight, Show Her This Cat With Only Two Legs

RAWR I AM A CAT I AM A T-REX RAWR. Whatever. Hate all you want. This cat rules. Look at […]

Are These Photos of Abandoned Venues From 1984 Winter Olympics Mesmerizing Or Creepy?

Hosting the Olympic games is a huge honor, and huge undertaking, for any city. Between venue and course construction and […]

Toad Eats Bat, Wins Everything

What did you have for breakfast today? Some steel-cut oats? Eggs over easy? What about a FREAKING BAT? You didn't? Then you, sir, are less

13 Mind-Blowing Tricks Advertisers Use to Manipulate Photos

How about a little glue in your cereal? 

More Proof That the Masters is Truly Awesome: Concession Stand Prices

All of us at BroBible have been in a semi-permanent state of anaphylaxic shock ever since moving to NYC and looking at prices of things.

The 30 Most Viral Letters and Notes of 2012

We love it when our readers send us notes, letters, and e-mails. Usually it's from a downstairs neighbor who's been up all night after an intense

A Gallery of the Craziest Rooms in the World

When it comes to design, we've seen everything from extreme aquariums to beds that float. But, we can't say we've ever seen a bedroom that

‘There Are 43 Girls Trying Out for Cheerleading. Who Makes the Team?’ Plus Today’s Fix (40 Pics)

Wow, that text answer is cruel. Also, hilarious. 

A Job Application That Tries Too Hard, Plus Today’s Internet Fix (45 Pics)

I applaude this man's intentions of writing a cleaver cover letter to stand out from the pack, but the question remains: Did he get the

Party On, Grandma, Plus Your Weekend Internet Fix (61 Pics)

Horray, the weekend! Here's a huge, fresh gallery of this week's best funny pictures. 

Gummy Bears + Vodka, Plus Today’s Internet Fix (47 Pics)

Vodka gummies! Horray! Ready to get your Thursday Fix on? Let's do this.

Texts From Your Mom, Plus Today’s Fix (44 Pics)

It's a trap! She so knows what's going on. 

If You Park Like This, You’re a Dick, Plus Today’s Fix (41 Pics)

Dude, no reason to park like a douche. But props to this guy for making lemonade out of those lemons. Welcome to Today's Fix! Before

‘To the People Who Kept Us Up All Night’ and Stupid Dorm Window Signs, Plus Today’s Internet Fix

Today's funny and awesome pictures! First up, straight-up pwnage to some obnoxious neighbors. Next pic, zombies be damned, there is absolutely zero reason to have

Hi, This Is Your Neighbor… Yes, We Heard You Having Sex, Plus Today’s Fix

High five for getting laid, Bro! 

YouTube Comments Are Just the Best, Plus Today’s Fix (43 Pics)

No questions asked, this is the best YouTube comment ever.

Sh*t Your Professor Says on the First Day of Class, Plus Today’s Fix (40 Pics)

Today's fix of funny and cool photos starts with a situation very applicable to syllabus week.

Who Destroyed Hip Hop? Plus Today’s Fix (50 Pics)

Show of hands if you agree... 

It’s the Weekend, Have a Beer… Plus Your Weekend Fix (71 Pics)

Horray for the weekend! Horray for beer! Horray for the best funny photo post ever since we've started doing this column. 

Dave Grohl Pours a Fan a Beer Mid-Set, Plus Today’s Fix (45 Pics)

Bro move, Dave Grohl. More beer for you. The best pic of the day via. Have a funny or awesome photo for Today's Fix? Send it

Frat Giraffe Is Ready to Party, Plus Today’s Fix (60 Pics)

Frat Giraffe should be a meme. Get to work, Internet! Have a funny photo for Today's Fix? Submit here. 

The Truth About Rolling the Window Down in the Car, Plus Today’s Fix (52 Pics)

Today's daily serving of funny and awesome pictures, coming right at you. 

How to Hit on a Girl at Starbucks, Plus Today’s Fix (71 Pics)

This is how it's done, gentlemen... 

No Seriously, Where Do You Put Those Clothes? Plus Today’s Fix (45 Pics)

Seriously, there really needs to be a name for that. It's like the purgatory of doing laundry. 

The Weekend Fix (71 Pics)

The weekend has arrived, so let's do this right. Enjoy 71 awesome and funny photos, via the fruits of the Interwebs. Remember to send us

Introducing Today’s Freshness, an Instant Remedy For Your Internet Boredom (50 Pics)

Every now and then, we like to try a new thing out around here. Introducing Today's Freshness, a new, currated nightly column compiling the coolest

In Which a Bro Named Rafiki ‘Simba’s the Sh*t Out’ of a Baby Tiger

Just a cool photo a reader sent in from an endangered species conference in Washington, D.C. Says the tipster: "The bro, who wishes not to

Apropos of Nothing, Here’s a Shark Giving a Diver a High Five

Sure, they can high five, but can they fist bump?

This Is What a 21-Foot Monster Crocodile Looks Like

Woah. This might be one of the most badass pictures you'll see today. On Saturday, Bunawan hunters in the Philippines tracked down a massive trophy:

A Graphic Guide to Very Very Many Varieties of Beer

This is my favorite type of visual aide. Pop Chart Lab has come up with this very cool graphic organizer for our favorite beverage: beer.

The Smithsonian’s Fake ‘Historically Hardc*re’ Advertising Campaign is All Kinds of Awesome

It's been over a decade since Curtis Jackson a.k.a. rapper 50 Cent got shot in the face. As you probably know, he continues to talk